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I grew up in Santa Monica.  My room, although not tiny, could only accommodate a smaller sized bed.   As a result, I simply accepted my sleeping arrangement, only upgrading to a full sized futon mattress in my more adult years.

Now fast forward many years later and I’m living in my own apartment.  Nevertheless, I’m still stuck on my full sized futon.  Yes, a 6-foot 180lb guy on a full sized futon.  Not exactly a sticky web of enchantment for the ladies, now is it?  Enter the Novosbed.  And more importantly a queen sized Novosbed.  Sleeping nirvana?

Read my Novosbed review to find out.

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Out With The Old

So if you haven’t figured it out, I’m the kind of guy with the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.   So to completely jump into the deep end with a new bed was slightly terrifying. What if I didn’t like it? What if it was too soft? What if my back started to feel weird in the morning?

The only way was to try.

About a week or so later my Novosbed arrived right at my doorstep. No need to leave my house at all. According to their site, shipping will vary on location in the United Sates and the further west you are the longer it will take. If you find yourself ordering one of these beds on the East Coast, projected time for delivery is only 1-3 days.

Novosbed Unboxing

I was at work the evening it arrived and thankfully my roomate was home to sign for the package. Like any good friend, I assume she tried to move it into my room, but it did not want to budge past the kitchen. That is what happens when your mattress is about 95lbs. Which brings up the issue, 4th floor walk up? Let’s just say it will be a load of fun when you move out and take the bed with you…

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So I reluctantly lugged my old bed frame and my old Ikea futon mattress out of my room and began to unbox a medium firmness Novosbed. Unboxing you ask? Just imagine a tightly wrapped burrito in a cardboard box. Except that burrito is 5 feet tall, 95lbs and suffocated in saran wrap like an episode of Dexter. Once I yelled “timber,” at pushed the box down, I wiggled the mattress right out. I grabbed an exacto knife and started to peel away at the several layers of plastic. Eventually the mattress will assist in the unraveling because it will naturally start inflating. Reminder, make sure to unbox in your bedroom.

The bed inflated in about 5-10 minutes though they say it will take a full 48 hours to expand. I threw it right on top of my bed frame and anxiously waited it for it to be evening.

First Thoughts

My first night’s sleep: When I got into the bed, I sank ever so slightly. That worried me. You see, I’m used to a firm mattress which made my back feel very supported.  Perhaps over supported. Nevertheless, I shook off my negative thoughts because I wanted to go to sleep on a blank slate, so to speak (pun intended).

Second Thoughts

Seven hours later I woke up and felt very refreshed. Not only did I get a great nights rest, but my back felt fine. No aches, no pains. In fact, the memory foam, which adjusts to your body allowed  me to roll around and not pinch the nerves in my arm, as I’ve experienced so many times on my hard as a rock futon. This is was always an ongoing issue for me; many times I would wake up to a completely dead arm because of the position I tend to sleep in. So yes, I woke up with my entire body’s weight on top of my left arm and yet managed to wake up peacefully and more importantly not in pain.

A Week Later With The Novosbed

Now, it’s been about a week or so sleeping on the Novosbed bed and my thoughts have not changed. My back feels great and I enjoy how the bed molds around with me, perfectly supporting my body, reducing pressure point otherwise found on a traditional mattress.

The Heat Factor

One thing I didn’t address in my video review, is the heat factor.  By now you’ve probably heard that these types of mattresses are challenged to dissipate heat. And to be candid, I’ve woken up a couple of nights sweating.  But I can’t blame it all on the the mattress, largely because my previous bed, a futon, may have held heat very poorly. So chalk it up to acclimation.

All in all, I’m pleased with the upgrade. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s enhancing more my sleep. And I can never get enough of that.

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Before You Order

They have a range of beds from a Twin to a California King in three different firmness levels. Soft, Medium and Firm. They all contain 11 inches of total thickness but vary in the ratio of memory and support foam layers.

Need a Different Firmness After You Order

If you change your mind after a couple of weeks, Novosbed not only guarantees 120 days sleep trip, but they will also send you a Comfort + layer to either soften or harden your new best mattress. They suggest to reach out to them after the first 30 days so you have a good feel of how you sleep on it’s given firmness.

Once you’ve kicked back and enjoyed your first year of sleep, remind yourself that there is another 14 years under warranty. Not bad at all

Click to Save $100 on Your Novosbed