Nostalgia Microwave Review

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Updated August 15, 2022
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The vintage style Nostalgia microwave oven is something that you will greatly appreciate especially if you’ve got a taste for antique decor, as it combines a traditional sense of style with modern-day functionality. The 0.9 cu ft microwave might be a lot more popular with older, grey-haired users, as it looks like something that’s a lot more reminiscent of their time. This is why we think it should be seriously considered especially if you happen to be shopping around for the best microwave for seniors. Stick around and we’ll let you know what else you can expect from it.

Why We Like It – Nostalgia Microwave

Similar to the Daewoo microwave, the many different retro accents that you’ll find with the Nostalgia Microwave make it a great gift for your grandparents, or a fine microwave for seniors. The microwave is very much capable of all the basic functions that you’d expect it to be, and with the choice of up to 12 pre-programmed cooking options, you’ll be spending a lot less time in the kitchen with it.

  • 12 Pre Programmed Cooking Options
  • Rotary dial and fe buttons make it easy to use
  • Child safety lock
  • No Eco Mode

Power & Performance

The Nostalgia microwave is an 800 watt countertop microwave that promises to handle just about any type of food you throw at it pretty well. At 0.9 cubic feet, it’s got a reasonably small internal capacity, so it might be best suited for users who don’t have very heavy cooking needs. The microwave does away with the full-featured control panel that you’ll find on the Magic Chef microwave or Toshiba EM925A5A-BS, and replaces that with a rotary control knob and 4 small buttons just below it.


Just like the Top Rotary Commercial Microwave Oven, the Nostalgia Microwave doesn’t have any touch key controls, so there’s no risk of the microwave’s buttons failing as a result of continuous use. You might also appreciate that the microwave has a chrome handle instead of a push to release button, and this only adds to its many retro accents, while still making it very easy to handle. The countertop microwave oven also comes with a 1 year limited warranty, so you should be able to rely on it not to break down at least throughout the first year of use. If you’d prefer a modern unit, then check out the LG NeoChef microwave.

Ease of Use

The Nostalgia microwave really stays away from being complicated to use by having one program dial that’ll get you through all the settings that you’ll need in order to get your meal prepared. The microwave has up to 12 different pre-programmed cooking settings that make it a lot easier than the Panasonic microwave to use. You’ll also be able to regulate the power levels used in the microwave through it, and also decide whether to defrost your frozen fruits, meat, and vegetables by time or weight. If you want a  microwave that has convection cooking, try out the Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Microwave.

Added Features & Versatility

To make the Nostalgia microwave safe from any unauthorized use, it comes with a feature that allows you to lock its control panel, and therefore makes it difficult for even kids to use it behind your back. The microwave’s LED display panel can also serve as a kitchen timer for when you need a set time limit for cooking, or as a clock that you can use to keep track of the time. You can also get the Nostalgia microwave in up to 5 different colors, giving its users even more flexibility in terms of how they want the microwave to look.


The Nostalgia microwave is great for anyone who wants to have a taste of history in their kitchen. It’s got modern functionality to a level that’s not too advanced for your grandpa and grandma to figure out and is also pretty easy to navigate. It can prepare a wide range of meals, and with a rotary dial in place of touch key buttons, it’s arguably faster to use.

Nostalgia Microwave Wrap Up

If you’re still skeptical about the Nostalgia microwave even after getting to the end of this review, hop over to it’s Amazon page and read for yourself what other first time users found appealing about it. You might just have a change of heart.

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