NomadPlus Transforms Your iPhone Wall Plug Into A Portable Charger

The folks at Nomad have some interesting products under their name. We’ve already done a detailed review of their pocket-friendly ChargeKey and ChargeCard USB cables which comes with both microUSB and lightning connector options. Recently, the company has announced another innovative product dubbed as NomadPlus, which transforms the iPhone wall plug into a portable charger with the ability to increase the battery capacity of the iPhone by 70 percent.

NomadPlus is equipped with a 1,500 mAh battery as well which can provide enough power to last a normal day. In addition, when it’s connected to a power supply, it doesn’t only charges the iPhone or other low-power devices, but also charges its own 1,500 mAh battery as well. It’s intelligent charging system is efficient enough: it first charges the device plugged in, and then switches to its own battery. There are LED indicators to notify users about the available battery, as well as a 5V/1A USB port which cannot only be used to charge iPhones, but other smartphones as well.

We know there are several other external power banks and portable chargers which can provide users with lots of juice, but they do come with a hefty price tag as well. As for the NomadPlus, the nifty device is extremely portable and comes with a $39 price tag. The accessory is up for pre-orders with the shipping expected to take place in November. If you plan to pre-order one in the next few days, you could just key in a promo code “nomadplus” and get a 50 percent discount, bringing its price down to just $19.50.

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