There are all sorts of speakers that you can take with you while traveling, Bluetooth and otherwise, but this one rules them all. The Nomadic Audio Hi-Fi speakers are paired with a functional carry-on suitcase. This piece of luggage acts as a speaker cabinet for a loud and more natural sound. Which means that this is a powerful portable loudspeaker that goes anywhere. If you prefer a smaller speaker, you should also take a look at the Yamaha NX-A01: Bluetooth speaker system instead.

A Speaker and a Cabinet That Travels

The design kills two birds with one stone. Just pack up your suitcase like normal, then close it up and travel, knowing that you can break out some loud tunes anywhere you want. The party doesn’t start until you arrive. Compare this speaker with our G-Project G-Drop speaker review for a differently shaped speaker.

The speakers are designed by Morel, a company known for speakers that go in your car or home. In this case, it’s all about those places in between. It packs in two 4”x 6” woofers and two high-end soft dome 22mm tweeters. The beauty of this design is that the suitcase acts as the speaker cabinet.

It delivers rich and loud audio. The Bluetooth speaker can be used alone or inside of the specially-designed suitcase. The speaker goes by the name Nomadic and the suitcase is called Speakase. The speaker is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless playback and even supports aptX HD if you like your music to have CD-like quality. It looks pretty sleek with black and gold coloring and a thin profile.

Nomadic Audio HiFi Speaker for Travelers
This is one suitcase that is much more.

Take the Music With You

Designed to travel easy, the speaker slides into the front of the suitcase. Just fold legs and slide it in, turning off all digital sound manipulation. So now it will use the Speakase as a cabinet. The company says that this provides a more natural sound for our ears.

As for the Speakase, it’s pretty your typical high-end suitcase. It has a polycarbonate shell, aluminum-sealed reinforced frame, and is shock absorbent. It measures 21.7 inches by 14.6 inches by 9.8 inches. The speaker even has a built-in power charger. You can access it from the front of the case, which is a handy feature.

We love that you can get the fullest sound by using the Speakase as a cabinet and then detach and use the speaker on its own when the situation calls for it. And since the speaker is removable, it is also TSA friendly when you are flying. It’s a great idea for anyone who loves music enough to take the best sound possible with them while traveling.

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