Nokia 3310 TA-1036 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Steering away from the best smartphone, let’s find the best cell phone for seniors. Today we put the Nokia 3310 TA-1036 to the test. It starts off on a good foot with its good battery and even better standby mode. It also comes with the bare essentials, including an option to expand storage to 32GB.

Why We Like It – Nokia 3310 TA-1036

The Nokia 3310 TA-1036 attempts to continue its ancestor’s legacy in a sleeker, more modern look, including its features. Expect a great battery, 3G network capabilities, and an FM radio for fun.

  • 32GB of expandable storage
  • Standby mode lasts up to 31 days
  • Built w/ essential features
  • Limited to 3G network
  • Bluetooth version is old

Overall Performance

While the Nokia 3310 TA-1036 isn’t playing the latest and greatest, it has enough performance underneath to do what it’s meant to do: text and call. Its Bluetooth is old though, sporting version 2.1, so it’s quality is terrible compared to 5.0. The same can be said about its limitations to just 3G networks, but noticeably better than the 2G networks the Blu Joy Cell Phone is shackled to. It does play music, along with an FM radio for fun.

Battery Life

Depending on how you use the Nokia 3310 TA-1036, you can get a fair number of hours out of it on a single charge. If you leave it on standby, it can hold a charge for up to 31 days. If you use it regularly, it’ll last up to 6.5 hours.


Despite a 2.4-inch display, big icons are used to easily navigate the phone, though its resolution is 320×240. It isn’t as pretty as a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, but it does just enough to be useful. If you are looking for an inexpensive smarthphone with a slightly better display then you can try the Unihertz Jelly Pro, which is the world’s smallest smartphone.


The Nokia 3310 TA-1036 adopts a somewhat retro look, but a splash of modernization and even incorporates a multitude of colors to choose from (warm red is particularly nice). It lacks water resistant, too; however, it’s mostly plastic and will survive being dropped a few times.


If your goal was to find a cheap phone for emergency use and so on, the Nokia 3310 TA-1036 isn’t a bad choice. It certainly has everything you’d need: Bluetooth, at least 3G network capabilities, fair amount of space, and a good battery. But if that’s all you need, you can go even cheaper with the Easyfone Prime A1. It’s half the price for the same features.

Nokia 3310 TA-1036 Wrap Up

The Nokia 3310 TA-1036 is just fine when you need a burner device, one for emergencies or if you’re a senior. It lacks features that would be lost on you and carries the bare essentials. Do note its Bluetooth is a bit old and isn’t compatible with anything above 3G; otherwise you’ll like the good battery.

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