Noke Is A Bluetooth Controlled Padlock To Offer Next-Generation Security

Padlocks have been used by users for different purposes for generations, such as locking your bikes, lockers, etc. They are unlocked either by using a key or through a specific combination, which are easy to forget or misplace. The guys at FUZ Designs plans to improve with the help of Noke, a bluetooth-enabled padlock, which apparently requires no key at all to unlock. The padlock comes with Bluetooth 4.0, and connects with your smartphone to unlock the padlock.

What this means is that you don’t have to carry your key around at all to unlock the padlock. It works by detecting bluetooth signals from the authorized smartphone. To unlock the padlock, just press down the shank once to activate Bluetooth receiver in the padlock, and it will detect the signals if the phone is within 10 feet, unlocking it automatically so that you can be on your way. Similar as soon the smartphones passes the 10 feet limit, it automatically locks itself.

The padlock has dedicated apps for both iOS and Android, which give users the ability to manage Noke. You can even share the code with your friend to who you want to give access to the padlock. The application provides several custom settings allowing users to give others access to the lock for a specific time period.

The project is seeking funds on Kickstarter, and have managed to raise over $132,000 against their goal of $100,00 to enter mass production. There’s still 29 more days to go so the company still have a lot of time to reach their extended goals. Noke Padlock is expected to begin shipping in February 2015, and users can pledge a minimum of $59 to grab a unit. Watch the video above to get more information about how Noke works.

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