Nissan’s Self-Parking Chairs are Eerie: Here’s Why

Nissan has finally done it: The company has created self-parking chairs.

Did you even know that the top office chairs of 2017 needed to be parked? We were a little surprised too, but Nissan has been proudly showing off the effects in a series of video clips that show how automated Okamura chairs can find their way back to their proper positions.

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The effect seems to have been created with a combination of sensors, little chair motors, and a scanned grid of the room that can direct the chairs where to go: Nissan isn’t releasing many details, but we know that these rooms are mapped by four motion sensing cameras on the walls, and controlled by a Wi-Fi connection. The “return to desk” function is begun by with a clap of your hands, which must make birthday parties and promotions particularly weird at Nissan headquarters.

Really, it’s the same basic components of the robot prototypes we see at DARPA or MIT. And perhaps that’s also why the parking chairs look so eerie to most observers – a crowd of sentient chairs that suddenly leap into action and scoot around the room to find their perfect, rigid places at desks and conference tables, as if waiting for commands or haunted by board members past.

But are we going to see Nissan chairs weaving past us in the offices of the future? No. The ROI on automating a process that takes a human one second of lazy effort is laughably bad. However, the video is a great viral marketing move for a company that wants to market its assisted parking features for new car models. So just imagine the chairs as cars in a parking lot, and the whole thing becomes more impressive: You will have to wait until 2020 to see the tech in 10 or more Nissan models, though.

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