Nissan Juke Star Wars Special Edition Vehicle (video)

Attention Star Wars fans: you might want to consider moving to Japan. Why you ask? Because that’s the market that Nissan plans to debut and offer its Star Wars Juke Special Edition vehicle. Yup, you heard right! Nissan has announced plans to offer a Star Wars Juke to Japan customers since Star Wars-themed stuff is pretty fanatical over there (like 10x more than anywhere else). Nissan plans to capitalize on the legion of Star Wars fans (you can actually see countless cosplayers in full Stormtrooper costumes on the streets of Akihabara), they plan to create a special edition Star Wars Nissan Juke, which is the company’s boxy compact sports utility crossover. It’ll follow many of the same design elements that were seen on last year’s special Batman: The Dark Knight Rises x Nissan Juke Nismo  one-off ride. No formal details on the car have been dropped yet, but they did release a 24-second teaser video that features some Imperial Stormtroopers. It’s actually supposed to be officially unveiled today, so more coming soon!

star wars nissan juke


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