By the time April 5th rolls around, anyone looking to upgrade from an older DS/DS Lite or buy one for the first time, will be better prepared because they googled this list. For the best in Nintendo, you should also read our Super Mario Bros hats review. For another solid Nintendo option, you should also take a look at our review of the Nintendo DS digital TV tuner.  Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from the new DSi:


  • 17% bigger screen
  • 4 times the RAM
  • Double the processor speed
  • 2 separate .3 mega-pixel cameras, one with VGA resolution
  • 12% thinner than DS Lite
  • Online shop similar to WiiWare
  • 256 internal memory and SD card slot
  • PictoChat, music player, photo editor, voice recorder


  • $40 more that DS Lite
  • No slot for Gameboy Advance games or peripherals like Guitar Hero keypad
  • Battery life shorter than DS Lite
  • Only plays AAC music files, no MP3!!!!

So, lots of good features but some potentially crippling bads for some people.  The no MP3 compatibility is retarded, and that won’t go over well I’m sure.  Anything I missed?

dsibox [Kotaku]

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  1. Today I’m going to get mine, I think I want a blue one… I’m excited at any rate, and thanks for the information on the AAC files.

  2. This new DS sounds interesting. I don’t know if i should buy it so can some1 plz make a reccommendation for me???
    Elias Roos

  3. Hey umm…we are singers and we should know this but,,,HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU CONVERT MP3 files to AAC files? if you download songs off youtube, like the links for sendspace and stuff, is that considered a AAC file? Thankss,

    Destinee, Paris, Sarah, and Former Clique Girl, Ariel

    1. its very simple to convert mp3 files into aac by using itunes or downloading songs from limewire in the aac format. hope this helps.

  4. You can just convert your files to AAC so you can play them I am looking forward to April 5th I already preorder my DSi I got the black one and its going to be sweet

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