Ninja Professional BL660 Blender Smoothies Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

One of the best countertop blenders, the Ninja Professional BL660 Blender Smoothies is powerful, versatile, and fast. Make smoothies, dips, gravies, and more right in the blender: no food processor required.

Why We Like It – Ninja Professional BL660 Blender Smoothies

The Ninja Professional BL660 Blender Smoothies not only has an extra-large 72oz pitcher, but it also comes with two 16oz single serve cups. Take your smoothies on the go! It makes smoothies so smooth, that you can add nuts or chia seeds to your mix, and they’ll be finely incorporated into your drink.

  • Comes with 2 single serving cups
  • Dishwasher safe & BPA free
  • Extra large pitcher
  • Mixtures do leak
  • Large; takes up a lot of counter space
  • Customer service is hard to contact


The Ninja Professional Blender has an ultra-powerful base that blends at 1100 watts, crushing ice and chopping through tough ingredients with ease. Its 6 blades can pulverise ice into snow, perfect for slushies or margaritas. It can handle hard vegetables like carrots, and can even finely chop hard nuts and seeds. Plus, it has suction cup feet for extra stability while blending.


This Ninja comes with 4 manual programs, including pulse, so you can exactly control your blending speed. From the mixing thin gravies and salsas on the lowest speed, to liquefying whole fruits and veggies on the highest speed, there are plenty of options to make the most of this blender.


The Ninja BL660 is dishwasher safe and BPA free. But while Ninja typically makes high quality professional blenders, many Amazon reviewers noted the BL660 leaks out of the top of the pitcher, even when the lid is firmly closed. Some Amazon reviewers also experienced cracks in the pitcher, and issues with reaching customer service. For a more durable option, try the Vitamix 7500 Professional Grade Blender.


The Ninja BL660 is incredibly versatile, coming with two 16oz Nutri Ninja Cups that allow you to blend a single smoothie serving to bring to work or the gym. It also handles a wide variety of foods, not just smoothies! Chop nuts, puree tomatoes for salsa, scramble eggs, or blend salad dressings. The Ninja blender comes with a recipe guide to make the most of your purchase.


The Ninja BL660 is much cheaper compared to other professional blenders like the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro, and the included Nutri Ninja Cups definitely ups the value. One downside, however, is that Ninja customer service is hard to get a hold of, and 1-year warranty is fairly limited on what it can replace: many Amazon customers noted they needed to pay for replacement parts.

Ninja Professional BL660 Blender Smoothies Wrap Up

The Ninja Professional Blender is very flexible and comes with handy single serve cups for quickly making small smoothies. It is fairly light, but does take up a bit of counter space. While it’s dishwasher safe, the Ninja blender is not as durable as other professional blenders on the market; for a more durable design, check out Vitamix Professional Series 750 reviews instead.

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