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Nike Hayward Backpack Black White Review

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Nike developed a great backpack that fulfills most of our needs when it comes to school or using it for everyday life. The Nike Hayward 2.0 backpack has a main storage pocket, extra pockets for small items, adjustable straps, and more. Both men and women can rock this polyester designed backpack from our Best Backpacks list.

Why We Like It – Nike Hayward Backpack Black White

The Nike Hayward Backpack Black White is an athletic styled backpack fit for athletes or fans of Nike. The backpack has classic features like adjustable straps, the main storage pocket, and a top haul loop to make it as usable as possible. Right now you get free shipping when you purchase this backpack. What if you want to go for a short trip?  One of the best bags for this need is the NOMATIC Travel Pack that can expand to provide 50% more space.

  • Polyester Shell
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Might be expensive for some


The Nike Hayward 2.0 has a main storage pocket for your biggest items and smaller pockets on the side for smaller items. It does not include a laptop sleeve, so if that is what you are looking for in your backpack please check out the Matein travel laptop backpack. You may adjust the straps to whatever position is best for you, and the straps have comfortable padding perfect for extended use. The backpack is made out of a polyester shell which is a weave meant for durability.


This backpack is designed for both men and women. It is 100% polyester, so it is temperature sensitive, sticks on the skin, and might be subject to dye migration. Be sure to check out customer reviews to make the most informed purchase. When you’re not using your backpack, the top haul loop can be used to store your backpack properly on a hook and stay organized. This polyester design is perfect for athletes, but if you are looking for more of an outdoor type of backpack, consider checking out the North Face borealis backpack.


This backpack will last a long time thanks to the durable polyester shell. You will have enough pockets for your large and small items. This backpack also gives you various ways to make it the most comfortable for you. If you are ready to rock the Nike brand, be ready to pay a slightly higher price than usual for a backpack. If you aren’t prepared to pay the price, check out less expensive options like the AmazonBasics laptop backpack. Be sure to check out verified purchases from customers to see what they say.

Nike Hayward Backpack Black White Wrap Up

The Nike Hayward Futura Backpack is a great item for athletes or everyday people because it has a variety of options to make your trips comfortable on your shoulders. With classic designs like large and small storage bags you have more than enough room to fit all your essentials, and thanks to the polymer design it is a great option for both men and women.