Nifty MiniDrive: Hot Swappable Macbook Air Flash Storage

My Macbook Air’s hard drive capacity, or to be more technical SSD capacity is sorely limited.  Limited to a paltry 128GB of storage, it means I’m always chasing my tail, deleting photos, movies, and other needless items – I long ago went to the cloud for music, so I can only imagine the problems you’d have if you’re still rolling with your local music library.

Expanding the Macbook Air’s internal storage isn’t really an option – replacing the battery is an endeavor in and upon itself.  That’s why I’m digging this Kickstarter project called Nifty Minidrive.  The Nifty Minidrive is effectively a microSD card adatper that slips into the Macbook Air’s SD card slot.  But unlike an SD card inserted, the Nifty Minidrive fits flush to the Macbook Air’s body.  To pop it in and out you’ll need a paperclip, which if you’ve ever swapped out your iPhone’s microSIM, you know how difficult and infuriating it is to find one when that time arrives.  Nevertheless, it’s a brilliant idea, and while it won’t be as fast as your built-in SSD, it means I can add or swap 64GB microSD card slots at any given time, allowing me to carry around my iTunes library and not fret about the inserted SD card breaking – trust me, it’s happened already once.

The Nifty Minidrive is already fully funded with over $300,000 in their account – they were asking for $11,000.  The Nifty MiniDrive should already be shipping to those that invested.

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