The selfie is dead: Long live the selfie. These days – especially these holidays – the selfie is moving on from teenage posts and dating sites toward more acceptable venues. A family selfie, for example, can make a great photo to send to the relatives, while a romantic selfie can look surprisingly classy under the right light. And now there’s the nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case, which wants to make the process even more professional.

Regardless of what you think about Selfies, the Selfie Case has a neat feature: a small tab on the case slides out and acts as a remote control for the iPhone 6 camera. Pop off the Bluetooth remote, position your phone just so, then click the shutter button to take the photo. The remote takes only a moment to turn on, and it charges via a Li-ion battery within the case itself, so it won’t drain your phone battery to work.

If you’ve ever tried taking a selfie on an iPhone, you know that the biggest problem is getting the angle just right and then fumbling for that touchscreen photo button – not the easiest proposition. By allowing you to take photos from around 30 feet away, the Selfie Case opens up a lot more possibilities, and allows you to take better photos with the average number of human limbs.

On the other hand, if you are against selfies entirely, you can always use the case to take more traditional pictures instead of resorting to selfies, as long as you find a stable surface or a friendly stranger to set your iPhone on while you pose.

You can pick up the Selfie Case for around $30. Keep in mind that the case is designed for the iPhone 6, but that the remote works across a number of devices. This means you can pop the remote out and use it with an iPod Touch or an iPad, and even Android phones, as long as it forms a Bluetooth connection with the device.

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