Nexus 5 Images Leaked…Again, Shows a Nexus 7 Like Build

Nexus 5

It’s no secret that Google will soon release the next Nexus phone, the Nexus 5.  It replaces the now discontinued Nexus 4, which recently went on sale for $100 less than the starting retail price and then quickly went out of stock.  By all accounts it was and still is a solid phone, though it now sits dormant in my closet, replaced by the Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Google Edition.

Today, images leaked on Macrumors showing what might be the clearest photo to date of the Nexus 5.  We’ve seen previous images of the phone, first in the KitKat video that Google released when the search giant unveiled a giant KitKat Android figurine made from what else, KitKat candy bars.  Sold out?  You decide, but it’s a tasty cobranded effort that doesn’t really rustle my feathers.

According to the author that posted the images of the leaked Nexus 5, it is said to have a similar feel (read “rubber backing”) as the Nexus 7.  Moreover, they say the screen isn’t that amazing and the build might be more refined, at least aesthetically, than the LG G2, which I held yesterday and might be best described as unremarkable.

So you in for a Nexus 5?  I am.  It should support LTE, which wasn’t the case with the Nexus 4 (at least on an official level) and was most certainly a sore point for many Android owners.  It’s total conjecture, but I’m willing to wager that the Nexus 5 will cost more than the previous iteration, largely because of positioning thanks to the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Editions.

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