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Updated June 27, 2022
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Have you been looking for a VOIP system to manage your business better? Something to spread a platform that is both functional and comfortable to use? A system that will ensure better and more efficient communication between you and your employees? Nextiva brings to you a system that can be customized according to your own needs through the multitude of packages available and along with the ease of control through the apps and CRM features. And so, with all that and not requiring any form of hardware, the Nextiva VOIP may potentially be the best VOIP for your business.

Why We Like It – Nextiva Voip

While there are varying opinions on the prices of the Nextiva VOIP, there’s no doubt that it brings to you almost everything the VOIP world has to offer, making your business calls and your business itself all the much better. Coming in with three different packages each with sub categorized packages of their own, you can always find something that fits your needs and paired with the ease of use through phone and desktop apps, great HD call quality as well as an unlimited number of calls, the Nextiva VOIP makes for one of the best and easiest to use VOIP platforms.

  • Wide number of packages meeting your respective needs
  • Can be managed from a single platform across multiple offices
  • Flexible to use through Android/IOS app and desktop software
  • Packages may be a bit confusing to choose from
  • International calls tend to be a bit too expensive


To start with the features Nextiva offers you must first know that you get to choose from three different plans or in other words contracts. Firstly, there’s the basic plan which includes calling features such as unlimited calling for free to local and toll-free numbers, unlimited online faxing, music on hold as well as an auto attendant that are also present in the other two plans. Other than that, the basic plan comes with a number of CRM features ranging from call pops, tools for contact management, sales pipeline management, workflow automation, call logs, email case routing, standard reports, account alerts and also a customer database. And not needing any form of hardware other than an IP phone and a high speed internet connection, the Basic plan may just be the perfect fit for newly formed businesses that are beginning to expand their offices.

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Apart from that, you also get to choose the Pro plan which is meant for already growing businesses and offers everything the Basic plan offers added with text messaging, conference calling with upto 9 people, mobile app access as well as professionally recorded greetings. As for the added CRM features, you get custom reports, data on team performance and overall usage as well as the capability to form surveys. While the conference calling is limited to 9 people for the Nextiva VOIP service and phone service, you can always opt for a separate conference service which may even allow up to hundreds if not thousands of people.

And finally, Nextiva also brings to you the Enterprise Plan which includes everything offered by the Pro plan as well as the ability to record calls, voicemail-to-text, provide you with video analytics, a live chat, custom dashboards and even a survey scheduling feature. Now while all of these plans are present you can also choose and add each individual feature for a separate price if you need to and for some added features provided by the VOIP phone system, you get a shared call appearance feature allowing your employees to make calls to more than one location and move the phone calls from their business phone or desk phone to their own cell phone. However, the Nextiva app on either android or IOS may seem a bit too simple in terms of features but you can also use your laptop or desktop to receive business calls if you want to. And for taking customer service calls, Nextiva allows you to forward your calls to another employee similarly to the Ringcentral and Jive business VOIP providers.

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Moving onto the main control panel for all of this, you get a central online platform that allows you to add employees to the system, assign phone numbers and User IDs as you see fit, record automated greetings that you can play later on, from call-que routes and priorities for better call management and also designate features that each employee can access themselves. You can also transfer local or toll-free numbers over to Nextiva for an extra fee once you sign up for the service.


Requiring no hardware of its own, the Nextiva VOIP doesn’t have any physical side to it, but while you can get yourself Nextiva Office IP phones, they’re not what we’re looking at today. The VOIP service provider comes with a pretty simple but elegant to use online platform, and while the phone app may not offer a whole lot of features, in terms of flexibility of use, the Nextiva VOIP system is designed pretty nicely.


Priced at about $35 on a month to month basis for the basic plan for 1-4 people and $30 per month on a contract Nextiva’s pricing is seemingly complicated. But with the customer support team based at their contact center in the United States, you can easily understand which plan fits you the best thus getting a package that will be the most efficient for you. While the prices vary depending on the number of people and which plan as well as added features you choose, they’re all pretty great and provide perfect service. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of a company offering contract services, you can simply look into the Vonage VOIP provider which is also a pretty great system in itself.

Nextiva Voip Wrap Up

With a whole range of different gestures ranging from call recording to HD sound quality calls as well as a pretty nice online platform to manage it all, Nextiva is definitely among one of the best VOIP systems out there. And paired with the fact that you can call and get support from a dedicated call center just for answering your questions, as well as the many Nextiva reviews online, you’ll get a service worth every dime you spend. Just make sure you get a package that you need rather than with extra features that you might not ever use, and if you’re worried of getting stuck in a contract deal, simply try out the monthly based deals first to see what you’re getting.