Many people think these are the best earbuds. There’s a reason that Nextear received more than 550% of its crowdfunding target in just a couple weeks – these wireless earphones really are smart, in more ways than one.

First, let’s talk about the case. This is easily one of the best earbud cases available, because not only does it house those small earphones when you don’t need them, it also acts as a connector, charging stations for the earphones, flashlight, storage station for songs, and extra battery storage if you want to give your smartphone a quick charge. When it comes to downloading songs, the device can hold 16GB of tunes in its flash memory. It’s an all-in-one design that makes you wonder why more people don’t favor it.

Of course, one reason people don’t use wireless earbuds is that they tend to fit poorly or get lost easily. The latter is answered by the case, but the former is addressed with a little video showing that a good shake can’t loosen the form-fitting earbuds, which is good to know.

The buds connect via Bluetooth to a variety of devices and offer stereo sound. You can choose to charge one bud while listening to the other if you prefer. Apparently 40 minutes of charge time will yield 4 hours of continuous play, which is hard to judge based on mere claims, but the batteries do use 50 mAh battery cells. The carrying case can hold four charges in total for the pair of earphones.

Nextear also comes with some consumer-friendly choices like various colors and other customization options that the founders only intend to unlock if they hit several hundred thousand dollars in funds raised (a far out goal, in multiple senses). The retail price is expected to be around $263, but you can get a pair for as low as $173 by jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon. The first shipments are expected in October 2015.

Tyler Lacoma

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  1. I also have emailed several times and have gotten no response. I jumped on the indigogo thing when they first started. I’ve been waiting a long time. A couple years for sure.
    Anybody have any updates yet?

  2. They are a fraud, i am still waiting for a reply from them. I bought mine 08/01/2016..
    Is there something we can do?

  3. I have also sent money in March 2016 for the Nextear earbuds, but have not heard anything since. I sent one e-mail in March, and another through their contact page in early September 2016, but I have not received any reply. The website has indicated for months that ‘Nextear is 85% ready to ship’, but the FAQ states that ‘October 2015 is our goal to ship Nextear to our Indiegogo backers. Then 2 months later will be available in stores.’ It is clear that the website has not been updated for a year. It is worth noting that there is no address or phone number on their website. It seems that this is a scam, and I will be asking my credit card company to refund the money.

  4. Christen Costa
    Thank you for your email and our closed follow up.

    You are placing a lot of hope on Indiegogo. I have a feeling they are cooperating with Jonathan Zuvela, the founder of Nextear wireless earphones. I have a bad experience with Indiegogo, they are supporting the owner rather than customers which is extremely bad.

    Please see the email I got from Indiegogo long time ago. They are really helpless.

    Tue 5/10/2016 11:31 PM

    Tess (Indiegogo Customer Happiness) [email protected]
    [Indiegogo Support] Re: Nextear – Order 3863, Placed on April 20, 2016, #1946-8750

    Tess, May 10, 13:31:
    Hi Salem,

    Thank you for following up. There is no contribution made under the email ‘[email protected]’. Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned, if you did not purchase your item through Indiegogo, we are unable to assist you further. I apologize for any inconvenience.
    Customer Happiness

    View full correspondence: #944040
    This email is a service from Indiegogo Support. Delivered by Zendesk

  5. Hey Everyone, so this just came to my attention. I took a look at the Indiegogo page and see that they posted an update 7 days ago stating that they’re working through some trouble shooting issues. That all being said, I”ll reach out to Indiegogo tech manager and see what kind of insight they can provide.

    Now, if you’re really concerned that you’ll never see the product or you money back – I’d suggest this with any campaign that is proved fraudulent – I suggest calling your credit card and disputing the charge. The CC co should have your back and require that you simply fill out some paperwork.

    1. Christen Costa
      Thank you for your reply.
      Our problems with this guy Jonathan Zuvela, the founder of Nextear wireless earphones that he is not replying to our emails, not even giving the status of our shipment in 2016. We need to know if he is facing trouble with the product or not. Is so, we must have been informed regularly and on time.

      I have emailed him many times at: ‘[email protected]’ but this guy is still ignoring my emails and not reply which create a lot of doubts about his behaviors. I tried to chase him via Facebook, and sent him many messages, but unfortunately he is not replying to me.

      I don’t know what to do with this guy. Is he a scam or a Hustler? No one is replying to our emails, not he, not even his team whom he is working with. Why is he doing that to his customers who gave their trust by buying his products?

      I placed my order on April 20, 2016 for 3 units and I paid $735. Some customers placed their orders earlier than me and they are, the same, facing similar problems.

      Are we going to get our products this year or next year? Just we need to know the prevailing problems this guy is facing in order to forgive him if has a valid reason for such total ignorance.

      1. Hey Salem, I totally understand.

        First off, I’ve got an inquiry with Indiegogo in the works as I type this.

        Second, I know it’s tough, and I know you parted with a lot of money, but they might be getting slammed with emails. And while it’s no excuse, they might not have been prepared for the level of interest that the product received.

        That said, I can empathize when one receives a large amount of emails and you don’t have a team or a resource set up to address them. Which probably explains why they’re using the Indiegogo platform to communicate with those that invested in the product.

        Nevertheless, hang tight and let me see what kind of answer I can get back from Indiegogo.

  6. Gentlemen,

    What shall we do now?
    Shall we wait or ignore and we lose all our money?


    What shall we do now?
    Shall we wait or ignore and we lose all our money?

    Is there anyone who could help us on how to investigate about NextEar and how we can file a case against them. Their advestiments at is very strong and would trap a lot of customers. I believe it’s a scam but what can we do now?

    I have send a lot of messages to their contact, and I sent many emails to the Owner, Jonathan Zuvela, through his emails and his facebook, but this guy, at all the times, ignoring his customers. I have not got even one reply from them.

    It is really very bad.


  7. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. I bought a pair in march and they refuse to reply to emails or PMs on Facebook, a lot of people are having these problems. Don’t buy into it.

  8. I made a purchase of 3 set of Nextear earbuds on April 20, 2016 and I made multiple and frequent emails to know I must get my shipment. I sent my emails to the Owner, Jonathan Zuvela, through emails and facebook, but this guy, at all the times, ignoring his customers.

    Also, I sent email to [email protected] to get information about my Purchase Order and the time of shipment but, unfortunately, no body replied to my emails.

    What kind of company is this? Are they stealing their customers’ money?

    Why they don’t reply! I’m just wondering about the behavior of Jonathan Zuvela and his group in the company for not giving attention to customers.

    Any body can help on how to get more information about my Purchase Order the time of shipment!

    Please help!

  9. Is NEXTEAR a ripoff scam?
    I sent them $114 in January for supposing delivery in March.
    I haven’t heard anything from them. Are they just the fly-by-night organization who are taking people’s money and not delivering?

    1. Have u got it now then? Because i just ordered a pair yesterday and now i am worried i wont get them

    2. Hello sir,

      Did you get any reply from Nextear people or not?. I’m just worried about my money that I sent to them.

      I really appreciate your reply on this subject.

      Thank you!


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