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If you’re seeking out a battery box that brims at the lid with exciting smart features unlike the NOCO HM318BKS Snap Top Automotive Batteries, then the Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center is the option for you. Able to fit group 24 to 27 batteries, this battery box features both a built-in USB charging port and a 12V accessory port so that you can charge your devices on the go. This is one of the best battery boxes, and all connections are protected by integrated circuit breakers to protect electronics from damage. Additionally, the smart box has a built-in LED battery meter that allows you to keep an eye on your battery’s charge level with ease.

While the Newport Vessels smart battery box doesn’t feature any extreme durability features, its housing is waterproof just not submersible. As such, the Smart Battery Box Power Center does not meet USCG regulations, making it hard to recommend for boating. However, as long as your battery isn’t too big, we could see the Newport Vessels being handy for use in RVs and on the road. But with many options we advise checking our best battery box guid.

Why We Like It – Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center

Newport Vessels brings battery boxes to the 21st century thanks to the Power Center which features a plethora of external hookups, including USB charging ports.

  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Integrated 12V accessory port
  • Built-in LED battery meter
  • Not USCG regulated
  • Doesn’t fit extra-large batteries


While not safe for the high seas due to how it’s simply water resistant thought that’s more than the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center, some have found it useful by attaching a solar charge controller to the outside wall so that they can use a portable solar panel to charge a deep cycle AGM battery for camping. The manufacturer has made the battery box for use with a trolling motor with the biggest complaints being the terminals will heat up if used with trolling motors on higher speeds and can even melt the plastic destroying the box.


With most 12V batteries fitting into the box and the top handle the Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center Is certainly a fine example of how a good battery box is designed, the extra charging ports for USB chargers make it incredibly covenant in the modern era even if it is’t the most ideal marine battery box.


While not as cheap as the Camco Regular 55362 Battery Box Group the features of the Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center make it a superior option. When it comes to Newport vessels trolling motor or any trolling motor you want to be able to use it to get out into the water and not disturb the fish, unfortunately if you have a longer distance to go the battery box may very well only last for a year. However for short distances and as a charging station with it’s usb hook ups is where the product shines.

Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center Wrap Up

It is odd to us that the Newport Vessels Trolling Battery Center turned out more highly regarded by campers then the fishers it was meant for that being said the number of times the issue of melting was actually coming up wasn’t that frequent and is largely included as a warning then a condemnation.

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