New Nest Thermostat is Bigger, Brighter, with Slightly More Features

Google and Nest have release the 3rd generation version of the Nest Thermostat, and it adds several quality upgrades…and a bigger size. Who wants a larger thermostat? Or did you already choose the popular Honeywell Lyric T5 Thermostat – Best Geofencing Thermostat?

Well, take into account the circular screen of the thermostat and how it broadcasts the current temperature in big numbers across the room: Then it’s easier to see why the upgrade version is larger than the older generations (it’s worth noting that while the face is bigger, the unit width-from-wall is actually slimmer than previous versions). But increased visibility isn’t the only thing that Google added. The new Nest Thermostat comes with increased resolution and a few new features, such as Farsight. Farsight is basically just a motion sensor that detects when you walk into a room and then flashes the time or temperature, based on the customizations that you choose.


Google also says that the new Nest has more temperature sensors, but doesn’t give any specs that show what that might mean. If it really does make the thermostat more accurate, as claimed, that’s another bonus. More noticeable are the handy app updates that the thermostat will provide if it thinks there is something wrong with your furnace or air conditioning system, something that will be coming to older Nests but is first available on the third generation.

Onto the pointed question: Is the new Nest Thermostat worth a purchase? Well, that depends on your situation. If you have one of the older Nests, you’ll have to shell out around $250 for a bigger version that doesn’t offer many more features. If you don’t have a smart thermostat at all, then there are two attractive choices. First, you can wait for when the older Nests drop to $200 and get a deal. Second, you can buy the newest, shiniest 3rd generation Nest when it becomes available at a retailer (Best Buy, Target, etc.) near you.

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