New Kobo From Borders Stalking The Kindle Wi-Fi

borderlands kobo

Borders is going head to head with Amazon in the e-reader segment without making any excuses. The new version of its Kobo e-reader is priced exactly as much as Amazon’s Wi-fi-only Kindle – $140, and just like the entry-level Kindle, it has been blessed with Wi-Fi.

The original Kobo could handle 8,000 page turns per battery charge, the Kobo Wireless gets 10,000 and it turns them faster too, thanks to a faster processor. File support is there for the ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM formats, with internal storage of 1GB and an external slot for SD cards up to 4GBs.

The device will be a little thicker than the Kindle Wi-Fi, 0.4 in versus 0.36 in, and will weight less than 8 ounces when it starts shipping late October.


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  1. Unless something better comes along between now and Black Friday(November 26), I'm getting the Kobo wireless ereader.

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