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New Jetson Hoverboards At Target

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If you thought that the hoverboard craze was over, think again. In a lot of ways, it is just beginning. You’ll find best hoverboards on many children’s wish lists this holiday season. Jetson, maker of all kinds of personal mobility devices like electric bikes, scooters, hoverboards, and electric skateboards has some big news. If you’re on the hunt for the fastest hoverboard, read on.

But what is the best hoverboard 2018? You might be surprised.

These Hoverboards Have Style

The company has two new hoverboards that are being offered exclusively at Target. You can get them right now since they showed up on September 23rd. These hoverboards are the X10 and The Rogue. As you can see from the images, these are sleek, eye-catching, models and of course also fast! They have a great futuristic look.

The X10 has 3 speed modes, cosmic light-Up wheels and front LED lights that naturally sync to the beats, because what good would they be if they didn’t?

The Rogue features a sleek matte black finish and you can choose from more colors to this fall too. This model has one unique feature that kids will love and that’s the front LED Galaxy lights that make it look like you’re hovering in space.

You have to hand it to Jetson, both are pretty unique in style and design. It seems like a sure thing that these are going to be hot sellers at your local Target. But there’s one more Jetson item that will be in-store with these hoverboards and also available online at several retailers. The perfect accessory: The JetKart 1.

New Jetson Hoverboards At Target
Jetson Hoverboards are at target.

The JetKart 1 Compliments Both

The JetKart 1 instantly turns any hoverboard into a go-kart with the following features:

It sports an adjustable backrest so all members of the family can enjoy the kart no matter how short or tall they are. There’s also an LED light-up wheel that adds some flash to your ride, as well as foam grips and grooves and a soft cushion seat.

If your kid hasn’t asked for these yet, he or she soon will. All of the kids still want hoverboards.

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