Take in a deep breath, and let it out in a happy sigh as you realize that you live in a place where we have world records for riding on a hoverboard. The record was set over a lake, the best all terrain hoverboard would, of course, navigate just as well on land as it would on water.

No, hoverboards aren’t quite available commercially yet (although you can find some testing kits if you know where to look). But the Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru – one of the best inventor names ever – has still decided to be the best hoverboarder there is. He created his own hoverboard, using a drone-like propeller design, and launched it out over Lake Ouareua to play with.

Duru wanted to assure people that a human could stand on a hoverboard and achieve stable flight for a significant amount of time. In this case, he went for 905.2 feet. Guinness World Records were paying attention, but it was no contest: The next best hoverboard record is only for around 164 feet.

Keep in mind that although this was just announced officially, the hoverboarding actually took place more than a year ago. Hopefully Duru has spent this time working on improving his prototype, which apparently only took around one year to create in the first place. Another interesting fact to note is that this hoverboard was purely mechanical – no magnetic fields were used (we mean outside of the motor, you outspoken engineers), despite being one of the more popular features in today’s hoverboard experiments.

So what’s the next step here? Preferably, a more realistic experiment. A lake is prime geography because of its gentle topography. We’d love to see a hoverboard record set over land: Now that would be a sign of progress. We’ll get hoverboards in the store one of these days.

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