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New GTA 5 DLC “Finance and Felony” and What You Should Know


GTA Online’s latest and perhaps last multiplayer DLC has arrived and here is what you should know.

GTA Online has gotten a massive update with the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony pack! If you’re tired of the same old street crime it’s time to move up to being a C.E.O. with your own shipments of contraband! That said, the GTA 5 cheats are still barred from online play, as are many of the ways to quick GTA 5 money.

Unknown to some, GTA Online is the multiplayer addition to Grand Theft Auto 5. While it shares the same map as the single player campaign,  it gains a heap of additional missions and activities to compete in online. These new activities level up your custom character and gain you access to new clothes, cars, and even weapons. Achieving a higher rank also unlocks Jobs; special missions that are solo or group used to rob, attack or race against other players. All these earn cash to spend on cars, fancy property, and even fancier clothes.

GTA Online is constantly updating as well. Last winter you could throw snowballs at cops, now you can drive a brand new lowrider all around Los Santos. To read a complete list of the 24 updates click here. However this newest, and latest update is exciting thanks to a new category of jobs and a new career option path for your character.

So what are those?  Keep reading to find out.



Gather your crew, make your plan, hit the streets!

You start Further Adventures in Finance and Felony by buying an office from the Dynasty8 real estate company in Los Santos. To do this activate your phone, enter the web browser and click on the aforementioned (Dynasty8). Properties start at $1,000,000, so you’ll have some money saved and with that some time invested in the GTA 5 Online.

Feel free to personalize this office space with safes, rest areas, gun lockers for customizing gear, and so much more so you and your crew are ready to take over the city. However, the main point of this office is to create your own personal company, with you as the C.E.O. As company head, you will begin working an exciting new economic force that lets you hire friends, buy warehouses to store goods and even compete against rival companies.

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