New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Appear (pics)

Rockstar satiated most Grand Theft Auto fans with the release of Red Dead Redemption, a sandbox oriented game of a massive scope.  If you played it, then you know it was a exceptional feat and was what GTA IV should have been in terms of story development, vastness, and many other things.  But now RDR has come and gone, and Rockstar fans are salivating for more.  Well, good thing GTA V is on the horizon.  It was announced last number along with a trailer depicting what is hopefully an epic game.  But since that announcement we haven’t heard or seen much regarding the long running series.  That is until today.

IGN got their hands on two screen shots.  The first depicts a helicopter amidst a skyline that is very comparable to that of Los Angeles.  It’s a relatively bland photo that if we didn’t know any better was from GTA IV.   The second photo, however, is much more on par with what’d expect from the next iteration of the game.  The detail in the water as well as the colors, while not too bold, are muted just right to exemplify what is surely a scene from Echo park in LA, CA (it’s a lurid place where men hang out in the hopes of, well, hooking up with other men, or so we’ve been told).

Of note, IGN’s article URL contains Red Dead 2 in the string. We can only assume they had some Red Dead 2 content, but it got pulled before publishing.

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