New Dell Inspiron 5000 Gaming Laptops Has Coupon for Release Week

Are you a gamer in the market for a budget gaming laptop under $700? If you don’t mind tweaking the resolution settings on modern video games down a notch, the brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 Gaming laptops are a good buy at a very affordable level. This especially after you discover there’s a release week coupon code slashing prices even further.

This week Dell has introduced another budget gaming laptop to its made-for-home Inspiron lineup. The older Insprion 7000 series Gaming Laptops came equipped with the GTX 1050 Ti and are slightly more expensive (the cheapest with 1050 Ti is $833) than the new 5000 series equipped with either the GTX 1050 or the Radeon RX 460 GPU. This makes the newer Insprion 5000 slightly under the power mark of the 7000 series, but nearly $200 cheaper.

The new Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming laptop comes in two varieties: AMD or Intel processors. The AMD route is the cheapest way to go with the base configuration only running $637 which is a very impressive price for a gaming capable laptop. The cheapest Inspiron 5000 series gaming laptop with an Intel processor is slightly more expensive at $685, but is also significantly more powerful.

New Dell Inspiron 5000 Gaming Laptop Deals

For all configs $699+ use coupon code: 50OFF699

Which configuration of the Intel 5000 Series Gaming Laptop is the best value? Well, that depends on what you’re using this machine for. The most expensive $1,077 configuration has pretty impressive specs with a fast booting 512GB solid state drive and a high end 7th gen Core i7 processor. The highest end configuration of the new 5000 series is a hard-to-beat-price for a productivity laptop, but if gaming is your primary purpose consider buying an Inspiron 7000 series or something else entirely as you can get a better graphics card for your money.

As a budget gaming laptop the base Intel configuration for $685 is a hot buy. Assuming your a gamer on a budget of under $700, the best value we see is the $684.99 priced 5000 series gaming laptop with an Intel Core i5-7300HQ and GeForce GTX 1050 video card. After coupon the price is hard to beat and it’ll significantly out perform the cheapest AMD A-10 equipped machine for $637.

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