New Alienware 13 Comes with VR Specs – And Means Business

The Alienware 13 has been announced, and it’s safe to say that Alienware is really trying to stand out from the crowd here. In efforts to make one of the best gaming laptops of 2016, they pushed as many advanced features as they can into this compact laptop – including VR.

That’s right: This 13-inch computer includes a quad-core Intel Core i7 HW-Series with overclocking capabilities – the whole point being that it’s enough to support VR gaming. Compared to older models in this line, the laptop comes with an astonishing 5x more GPU performance with 4K capabilities.

Sure, the laptop is also thinner, made with more aluminum, and comes with better cooling systems than previous models, but it’s really the display and VR features that are going to catch your eye here. That includes a pretty amazing 2560x 1440 OLED (yes, OLED, although that particular feature is option if you don’t want to pay for it) screen with a touchscreen capabilities and a 1ms response time…in other words, a far better screen than you’ll find on any other laptop this size, with a possible exception of the Microsoft Surface Book.

New Alienware 13 back
Alienware is trying to pack more power than ever into its 13 laptop.

For those interested in more spec info – which is probably every gamer reading this – your RAM options going up to 16GB, and that ultra-good GPU is a Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 with 6GB of GDDR5. Is this enough to play VR games with an accompanying headset? Alienware certainly seems to think so…but you will have to pay for it. The base model of the Alienware 13 starts at $1200 and goes up to $1800, so it’s not exactly cheap.

But the real question here is: Do you want VR capabilities on a compact gaming laptop? We’re actually a little excited about this, because it allows you to move the VR experience into areas where you actually have enough room (and friends to laugh at you). Just make sure there’s an outlet nearby if you decide on this exciting feature.

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