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Never Make Your Bed Again Thanks To Elevator Beds

Elevator Beds

If you’re like me, your eded is probably never made up. I only make it up when I’m cleaning my house or when guests are coming over and I want everything to look neat. My theory is that you’re going to sleep in it again the next night so why put in so much work to make it up everyday if you’re just going to mess it up again. Well Italian furniture maker Espace Loggia thought the same thing and designed a bed that will hide al your disheveled sheets and provide more free space when not in use with their elevator beds. Their “rise and shine and then hide” beds come in a variety of different sizes, for kids and adults and should be able to support two adults without collapsing on them while they sleep. It looks as if the beds can be lifted easily by yourself but here’s hopping that the come up with a remote controlled version that’s done at the push of a button!

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Elevator Beds

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