Never Lose A Gadget Again With Ardi Technology Mini-Trackers


We all know firsthand the pain of a lost gadget.

That frantic searching, that desperate retracing of the steps, that final sinking horror to realize that, despite all your efforts, you’re going to have to shell out two hundred bucks for a new iPod and your old one worked just fine if you could just FIND IT!

But now, thanks to the crew out at Ardi Technology, that pain may not hit near so often thanks to their Ardi Mini GPS Tracker 505 and 506.

The Mini Trackers show on a display, with a simple LED arrow, what direction you need to go in to find your lost gadget of choice within a range of one hundred meters.  You just attach the “slave unit” to your choice of gadget, and, when it comes up missing, use the “master unit” to detect the errant gadget.

As awesome as this sounds, Ardi Technlogy is still trying to find a reseller for these devices in the United States, so you can’t get your hands on one of these yet.  The read link below includes a really clever slide show / video of how the Mini Tracker works, and now, I really want one.

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