Do you watch the best shows on Amazon or Netflix? The age of cord cutting is here. If you’re sick of your current tv cable company raising their rates and nickel and diming you to death, then you’re going to want to start looking at other options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu Plus where you can stream movies online. Each of these three video streaming services is unique, and bring their own content to the table. All have their pros and cons and beat network tv and cable tv, but which service should cord cutters choose? For more information on Prime, you’ll also be interested in our Amazon Prime review too.

Hulu Plus vs Netflix


  • Android & iOS Access

  • Large Premium TV Show Catalogue

  • Large Premium Movie Catalogue

  • Original TV Shows

  • Original Movies

  • Full HD Streaming

  • 4k/Ultra HDStreaming

  • Downloadable Content


Android & iOS Access

Large Premium TV Show Catalogue

Large Premium Movie Catalogue

Original TV Shows

Original Movies

Full HD Streaming

4k/Ultra HDStreaming

Downloadable Content


hulu plus vs netflix

Netflix is still the king when it comes to streaming videos online. Users are able to stream Netflix through a plethora of devices, including Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Chromecast, Android devices, iOS devices, Windows devices, and way more that I don’t want to take the time to list here because, well, we’d be here for awhile. Netflix is the largest on-demand internet streaming provider, with more than 50 million subscribers globally. There are many solid reasons best streaming services that Netflix is one of the best streaming services. If you want one of the best apps to listen to music on, take a look at Spotify vs iTunes Match to decide which service is best.

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As far as content is concerned, Netflix has an unbelievable number of seasons of the most popular and most watched tv and movie offerings, as well as their own Emmy Award-winning original content. Orange is the New Black, The Square and House of Cards have both won numerous Emmy Awards, while Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove have been nominated. Each one of these shows — especially Orange is the New Black and House of Cards — has a large fan base due to the quality of Netflix’s original tv shows.  And then let’s not forget newcomers Master of None, BoJack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the unreal documentary Making a Murder which has made headlines worldwide. Many of these are available in ultra HD video quality. Better still, Netflix gives you a clear release date for all of their new shows.

Of course, Netflix has popular shows and movies as well, as the company works out “pay TV window” deals with major movie studios, which gives Netflix exclusive streaming rights to a great deal of the content the company has on its service, which helps acquire new users and retain the long-time customers that they already have. Netflix adds and removes content regularly every month, keeping the landscape of content feeling fresh at the beginning of every month. And, best of all, Netflix announces what new content will be coming and what content will no longer be available so that users can binge watch the content before the end of the month when they’ll be unable to stream it anymore. For example, we just learned that Netflix is creating a live-action Zelda TV show (which pretty much broke the internet yesterday). They are also working on other properties related to video games.

Looking at the streaming media that’s currently available on Netflix today, there is an overwhelming number of TV shows and movies available. Viewers can laugh with Ross, Chandler and Joey in the entire library of Friends episodes, follow James Spader on The Blacklist, laugh at Andrew Lincoln’s overacting in The Walking Dead, or binge watch the first nine seasons of Criminal Minds. Viewers also have the option to watch some of the latest movie releases, including Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe in Horns, the controversial The Interview, or Sofia Vergara in Chef. On top of new releases geared towards adults, Netflix also maintains an impressive library of movies and television shows aimed at children, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Veggietales, and Curious George.

How much will Netflix cost you? To start, you can get a 30day free trial. Netflix offers potential customers three different monthly plans, including a $7.99 plan which allows users to stream on just one screen in standard definition, an $8.99 plan which allows families to stream on 2 different screens at once and in HD, and a 4 screen/ultraHD option for $11.99. Customers can also opt to go for the DVD/Blu-Ray only plans, which allows users the option to rent unlimited DVD and Blu-Ray rentals for a low monthly price.

Netflix has a great streaming app as well for all iOS and Android compatible devices, so whether you’re on an iPhone, a galaxy s10, galaxy note or other mobile devices, you can enjoy yourself. It is also available on gaming consoles and home theater devices. The company also has a very active social media presence to interact with users. If you pit Netflix vs others, the company is hard to beat.

That in mind, most Netflix customers opt for the streaming-only plan, which means instant access.  If one so opts, they can purchase both a streaming and disc (blu-ray or DVD) plan, but doing so will double your cost.  Though, at one point, many years ago, when Netflix’s streaming service first launched, anyone with a disc subscription could access the streaming service free of charge.  But that all changed when Netflix shifted its gears and by 2010 it went from being the USPS’ number one customer, to be the largest driver of Internet traffic as its streaming service exploded in popularity.  As a result, in September of 2011 Netflix spun off, or attempted to do so, it’s DVD/Blu-ray business to Qwikster.  The spin off was a massive failure, cause the company to dissolved the Qwikster brand as fast as it launched and resulted in Netflix’s CEO and founder to publicly apologize to its customers.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 | Netflix

Amazon Prime Instant

amazon prime

Amazon Prime is growing in popularity, slowly but surely. Although the majority of people actually buy an Amazon Prime subscription for the free twoday shipping on Amazon, there are plenty of reasons to check out Amazon’s video streaming service. Prime membership includes absolutely fantastic movies like Batman Returns, Big Fish and World War Z, and great TV series like Downton Abbey, Under the Dome and Sons of Anarchy. And, best of all, there is a ton of popular HBO content available, including Boardwalk Empire, True Blood,  Game of Thrones and Treme. If you’re talking about Amazon Prime vs. Netflix when it comes to content, Netflix has more, but Amazon Prime is more selective for tv streaming.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime videos also has its own successful original series like Alpha House, Transparent,  Handmaids Tale and Tumble Leaf. But Amazon has confused their message, and aren’t clear in the direction that they want to go in with their original tv(mostly due to the fact that users can rate pilots that will help determine whether or not movie and tv show are sent into production). The process is confusing to new users, but we’ll be seeing new original programs put into production soon.  The end result, though, is a data driven production schedule, with TV shows sometimes takes over 12 months to come to Prime videos. The Handmaids Tale has been a huge hit for the service.

Amazon supports full 1080p streaming video quality with 5.1 Dolby Digital, and also added 4k (UHD) streaming in December. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime is available on a number of streaming devices, including PS4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, Playstation vue, various Smart TVs, fire tv, Blu-ray players and iOS/Android devices. In fact, these days smart tvs has all of these services built in. The same is true for almost any bluray player. You can even use your gift card balance to purchase Prime.

An Amazon Prime membership can be purchased for $99 per year (which works out to $8.25/month), but it also includes unlimited free two-day shipping on most items sold on Amazon, which will save you a ton of money throughout the year (which is especially handy during the holiday shopping season…trust me).  Moreover, and to play hard ball with Netflix, Amazon Prime TV shows and movies can now be downloaded to an Android or iOS device and taken with you sans Internet connection.  Not all content on Amazon Prime is licensed, but if it is you’ll see a Download button.  More info about downloading Amazon Prime content here.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 |Amazon Prime Instant Video

Hulu Plus (free trial)

Hulu Plus vs amazon prime

Hulu Plus used to feel like the annoying little brother that wanted to do everything his older brother did but simply couldn’t compete. Some might say that Hulu and Amazon are both in this position when compared to Netflix. However, Netflix and Amazon would be the oldest siblings.

Now, however, Hulu Plus is much more formidable than it originally was.

Hulu Plus gets the latest episodes tv series that are currently running, including Parks and Recreation, the new Empire show on Fox, and content from ABC like Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. Hulu Plus’ movie library isn’t even close to that of Amazon Prime or Netflix, but there are some great movies to watch, such as Dead Presidents, Fargo and The Punisher. Still, it’s blatantly obvious that the movie selection simply isn’t there like it is for Amazon and Netflix. If you are pitting Netflix vs Hulu, the latter just doesn’t have as much content. Hulu vs Amazon is the same. Whereas Youtube TV vs Hulu actually has Hulu winning right now. Youtube doesn’t have a lot to offer for live tv streaming right now. If these digital trends continue in the streaming world, Hulu will have to do some catching up. Their live Tv offering needs some beefing up as well according to Business Insider. The company does offer gift cards to entice new users.


One of Hulu Plus’ best features is that it has a “recently added” section which shows all new content that is added, by date. This helps users ensure that they never miss one of the latest episodes of their favorite show. Hulu has recently started making its own original series as well, which will help them compete.

Hulu Plus is available for $7.99/making it the cheapest option available when you’re comparing Hulu Plus vs. Netflix or Hulu Plus vs. Amazon. Although its movie section is virtually a wasteland, its TV content is the best available if you’re looking to keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Just be warned: you’ll still have to incur some commercials, but you will have access to additional past episodes and be able to watch on mobile devices, when compared to that of Hulu’s freemium offering.

And now, as of late 2015, you can upgrade to Hulu’s No Commercial option.  However, cost is $11.99 a month, provided you sign up for Hulu Plus No Commercials directly with Hulu.  But, and here is the rub, if you sign up via iTunes via an iOS Device (iPad or iPhone), your subscription will cost $13.99 a month due to the additional fees Apple tacks on.  And if you’re really into spending more coin,  you can add a Showtime subscription to your Hulu Plus No Commercial account for $8.99 a month. Which will net out your Hulu Plus cost at, at least, $22.98 or $24.98 if you buy it via the iPhone or iPad.  Which begs the inevitable question: why not just subscribe to Sling TV?

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 | Hulu Plus

So which do you pick in the Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon scenario? This largely comes down to your needs.  Each has pros and cons. If you want a budget-friendly option then compare Hulu vs Amazon Prime. For more content choose Netflix. Another factor to consider is that Amazon will charge your bank account, whereas Netflix accepts Pay-Pal for payment.

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  1. Do any or all of these three services provide news stations (C.N.N., Fox, MSNBC) as well as YES, ESPN,Golf, sports? My goal is to dump cable, not the stations I watch.

  2. I’m looking to dropping my dish and was told that Hulu plus came with out commercials. Can I stream through my Wii?

  3. Wow, I live in TX and want to gradually drop my Suddenlink cable (I have a bundle of phone, cable, & internet) so my family can adjust. I bring in the only pay check and must cut the bills some how. I am thinking of dropping 1 of our cable packages and getting a fire stick from amazon to watch movies. Anyone have any suggestions. I am open for ideas.

    1. Amazon fire stick is the way to go! Love my fire stick and my 5 grandkids love it too. Have mine for over a year now. The grandkids love it! They call it the other TV.

    2. You won’t like amazon movies it really sucks the movies are very old and many have been seen on TV many times You can get netflix for real cheap $ 7 something for one TV

      1. If you go to Netflix, you will find yourself constantly flippy through the selection hoping to find something worth watching, just like you already flip through the channels on TV now. Also, as you flip through their selection, you find that as you go down through the list that you are actually seeing repeats from what you’ve already seen in the list. Netflix sucks, really.

        Another thing is that Netflix just added lying, left-wing radical Susan Rice to its board of directors. My Netflix subscription ended yesterday. I got on chat with them to stop sending email to me. I will NEVER, EVER go to Netflix again.

  4. Which service would you recommend for people who like older movies? I a m on Netflix. Every time I think of an older movie I would like to see again, they NEVER have it.


  5. Honestly there’s no comparison for me. Hulu plus wins easily. We’re in the golden age of television and with Hulu for $7.99 you get access to just about every top TV series out there. Yeah there are about 30 seconds of ads every 15 minutes but isn’t that about the same amount of time it would take to DVR something and fast forward through the commercials anyway?

    Meanwhile outside of a few series Netflix focuses all of it’s attention on movies and old TV series that are no longer airing. IMO today’s movies are lacking big time and I’ve seen most of the older TV shows already. Add to that Netflix has increased their prices and it’s a no go.

  6. When trying to watch amazon outside of the US it says I can’t! Thanks to arcvpn i can bypass their block and watch :)

  7. Lately, anything I attempted to watch on Hulu was either freezing constantly or not playing at all. It got to the point when a 20 min episode of Modern Family was taking almost an hour to watch with the constant freezing, commercials and restarting. I also have Netflix and i rarely have any problems there. I finally cancelled Hulu.

    1. I have both Netflix when it was just the DVD service and loved it hated it at first when it was streamed only but now with all my TV and game consoles supporting it we watch it more. I just started my 30 day trail with hulu plus at first with commercials which was ridiculous, so I switched to the commercial free. I like the selection, especially since a lot are just released epiepisodes. Biggest issue is it keeps freezing, I’ve tried to get answers and there’s no help. So Im not going to keep it especially since it can only have one device logged in and streaming. I was going to cut off cable which was why I tried it but since its bundled with internet and internet on its own is the same or more Im just keeping it. I think cable companies got wise to the streaming and found away to retain their customers. Hopefully new less expensive internet providers will start popping up in my area.

  8. I subscribe to all three services, but not for the reasons you list.

    1. Netflix for quality documentaries and original programming, as well as a few old TV favorites.

    2. Hulu ad free for the Criterion Collection and cheesy drive in science fiction, as well as a healthy list of classic TV shows.

    3. Amazon Prime for the free shipping and streaming music. In my mind, the video is a bonus. But Amazon does have good original shows, and it’s the best place to watch old HBO shows — without having to pay the $15 a month HBO subscription.

  9. One other thing to mention about Hulu, that I at least find annoying, is that, even though you have to pay to access the site, they limit you to one stream at a time. Never had an issue streaming multiple with Amazon and Netflix allows at least 2, and up to 4 if you want to pay a few dollars more. Hulu has no option for multiple simultaneous streams.

  10. You state, “The service includes absolutely fantastic movies like Batman Returns, Big Fish and World War Z, and great TV series like Downton Abbey, Under the Dome and Sons of Anarchy.”

    But when I look at the AP website, it appears that you have to purchase each series individually.

    1. Hey Roger,
      Often shows go in and out of Prime availability. The same applies to Netflix and any streaming service, especially all you can eat services. I know this can be frustrating, and believe me, we feel your pain.

    2. So wait a minute. I am a newby trying to learn how to dump cable and use only my smart TV. Are you saying that if I go with Amazon I have to pay the yearly fee and then also pay to watch movies/shows?

      1. No. It’s one or the other. Either it’s $99.99 or the monthly fee. Both of the aforementioned prices include the streaming of movies and TV shows, where as the monthly fee doesn’t include 2-day Prime shipping.

        1. Even with Prime there are some shows and Movies that have fees. Only the ones that say “Prime” in the top corner are included in the $99.99 annual fee. Make sure you pay attention before selecting!!

          1. Lea, that’s 100% correct. Also keep in mind that some shows and movies fall in and out of Prime access. So be careful if you add them to your “watch list” for later.

        2. Also there are movies that you can rent fairly cheap with prime membership (3.99-5.99). You get them I believe for 48 hours.These are fairly new movies too! I love Amazon prime video. But I also like Netflix/Amazon combination. If you love British shows, pay $3 more and get Acorn along with amazon Prime.

  11. It’s funny that IronSocket (a VPN provider) can unblock this 3 sites. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix. I’ve used IronSocket several times and it works great. The cool thing I love is that they don’t have logs that much. Unlike the other providers that they screw it all the time. Anyways, Among this 3 beautiful big networks, I highly prefer using Netflix because they offer something that is satisfying to the soul and to the mind. It shivers me timbers..

  12. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention how Hulu Plus forces viewers to watch ads during both movies and TV shows. No one on the planet wants to watch ads, and it’s one of the reasons so many people (including myself) have dropped cable. For me (and plenty of other people I assume), this fact alone drops the rating of Hulu Plus from 4 out of 5 to 3 out of 5.

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