Netflix Streaming Service Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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It’s easy to dub Netflix as the best streaming service out there, which is what we did on our list of Best Streaming Services. Netflix is unmatched in its production of original content, a lot of which is very good (or at least, entertaining for a relaxing night at home).

Why We Like It – Netflix Streaming Service Review

Netflix is the original streaming service and it still leads the way when it comes to access to TV shows and movies. Even better, Netflix has a huge library of original content that you can’t watch anywhere else.

  • Huge library of movies and TV series
  • Original programming you can’t watch anywhere else
  • Reasonable monthly fee
  • Has decreased content from other studios

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Streaming quality of Netflix is great. You can stream newer movies and shows in up to 4K quality if your TV supports it and you have a Standard or Premium plan (more on that later). Netflix also has a huge leg up on other streaming services like Hulu that still include advertising in its basic plans. Netflix has no advertising on any plan.

Netflix works seamlessly on all of the major streaming devices, so whether you use Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or even Xbox One to stream, you’ll be set to go. It also has apps for all devices so you can watch on your phone or tablet.

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Netflix has a pretty great user interface. Content is organized by Netflix’s own categories, and are personalized to your tastes as you watch Netflix more. You also have the option for offline viewing on many movies and shows, which is really nice for when you’re out or travelling.


Netflix has three plan options: Basic, Standard, and Premium. If you just want access to Netflix content, then you can choose the Basic plan, but be aware that it only streams in standard definition. At the very least, you still don’t have to deal with ads on any of the plans.

The next two plans allow you to stream in HD and allows up to two and four simultaneous streams, respectively. If you’re a fan of Blu Ray, you can add on Blu Ray access to get rent discs to watch at home.

Major TV streaming service competitors include Amazon Prime Video streaming service, Hulu, Disney+ streaming service, HBO Max, and YouTube TV. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, then you need to get it to access the Amazon Prime streaming service. Otherwise, monthly price points are fairly similar for each video streaming service. At any rate, you can get a one month free trial to Netflix, which is totally worth it.

Netflix Streaming Service Review Wrap Up

Netflix is one of the top options for original shows. Shows like Stranger Things definitely put it on the map for new content and it hasn’t looked back since. Even better, Netflix has brought back classics to its platform or even rejuvenated popular shows including Gilmore Girls, Full House, and more. Fans of live TV may prefer the Hulu streaming service, but otherwise you can’t go wrong with Netflix.

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