Dish Network is officially the first major pay-TV operator to make a deal with Netflix and start offering the service with its set-top boxes. This deal is no doubt good news for Netflix, which gains potential access to around 14 million customers who currently pay Dish for their TV (as long as they upgrade to the second generation Hopper, which is a big caveat). However, those who already use Netflix may be inclined to yawn: The video streamer is already available on such a large number of boxes, consoles and devices, the move toward Dish may seem unnecessary. But here Netflix has an opportunity to target other niche markets, especially older viewers who would otherwise not have a chance to try Netflix at all.

Starting with the second-generation Hopper set-top boxes, Dish Networks users will be able to access Netflix directly from the Hopper menu. Users will still have to make separate monthly payments to Netflix to access the service, but they won’t have to buy any additional devices. If you have a Hopper 2, you can hop on right now and look for the new Netflix option and how to sign up for the service or visit the Netflix page explaining the details.

Once viewers choose Netflix from their Hopper menu, it will enter the traditional Netflix app format and allow people to browse through the entire Netflix library. It is worth noting that Dish Network is not the first provider to make such a Netflix deal (Cable One, Atlantic Broadband, RCN and others have also made the move), but it is by far the largest of the group.

There is also some future investment at work. Dish is working to expand the app to additional set-top boxes, including its Joey line, which will reach a lot more customers. Also, when Netflix releases future episodes and movies, there’s a good chance they’ll be advertised on other Dish services, like Video On Demand and general search functions. This could give a big boost to Netflix’s own shows, which of course do not appear on any traditional networks.

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  1. This is a bunch of hooey. Dish says you get Netflix free … it’s a gift from them. Although it did work for a while, I no longer get it on 3 of my “Joeys” I do however get it on the tv connected to the Hopper and the Super Joey. Called Dish and was told it was a glitch that their egineering dept was working to fix. I asked for a loan of Super Joeys until they fix the glitch. They refused and also refused any alowance for the Joeys that don’t work with Netflix. I am now in effect paying for 3 Joeys that are defective according to their “glitch” explanation. THey will make no compensation at all. I will be checking other cable providers to see what offers might make it worth my while to leave Dish. Very stupid thing to do to existing customers. THey should do more than be “sorry for any inconvenience”

    1. Barbara, if there is something wrong with the Joeys you should be able to swap them out. I have no problem with Netflix and my Joeys. So please call back and ask for them to swap them out; just tell them they’re not working correctly.

      1. Thanks for the reply. They refused to give me Super Joeys which were the ones that received Netflix. Yesterday I was told there was a fix for the problem and a super tech guided me through restoring the Hopper to factory default NOW i don’t get Netflix on anything. Dish will do nothing other than update me on any progress in fixing the glitch. They maintain Netflix is an app they gave to me free and I”m not paying for it therefore they are not responsible to make any changes to my equipment or charges. I give up and when I can will check out other cable providers.

  2. We have internet with a data cap, so watching movies on Netflix or other internet movies eats up our data quickly. We live in a very rural area, so not many options. Having Netflix available through our television satellite connection instead of our internet connection is a big plus for us. Also, some of the stations we like that are not in the cheapest DISH package are available through Netflix … so no sacrifice there. We are changing to DISH from DirecTv.

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