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If coffee machines were cars, then the Nespresso CitiZ would be a Mini Cooper – compact, beautiful and still affordable. The espresso maker is classified as a mid-range model that relies on Nespresso’s capsule system. Like most espresso machines, this coffee maker works with all the 16 nespresso capsules where each capsule lets you make one single shot of espresso. The coffee maker comes integrated with an Aeroccino milk frother to prepare milk froth for you to have with your coffee, allowing the milk espresso machine to make you the perfect latte, cappuccino or any other milk-based drink on demand. For anyone looking for the best nespresso machine, this Nespresso definitely ought to be considered. If you love anything to do with space travel, you might be more interested in reading our review of the La Marzocco Mistral coffee machine instead.

Why We Like It – Nespresso CitiZ

Coffee making gets easier and a lot faster with the sleek Nespresso CitiZ coffee maker thanks to its 19 bar high performance pump, and its large water tank. This automatic Nespresso machine offers both espresso and lungo as its brew strengths, and has a fast heat-up time of between 25 to 30 seconds.

  • Integrated Milk Frother
  • Stylish design
  • Large Water Capacity
  • Limited to 2 drink sizes


The CitiZ is only meant for use with original line nespresso capsules only, so you shouldn’t expect to use Vertuo pods with it. What you should expect though is not to fill in water every time you need to make a drink thanks to the large 1-litre water reservoir. This is great since it means you get to make more espressos for every time you fill the water tank. The machine also has a decent used capsule capacity of up to 10 capsules, though it doesn’t step up to the Nespresso Creatista Plus Machine at 13-20 capsules. We also noted that the milk frother that comes with this nespresso machine is also one of the best in its class – it gets your milk steamed or frothed with just the simple push of a button, making it very easy to use.


At first blush, this milk espresso machine certainly doesn’t look like it belongs to its price category. It boasts of a very stylish design, and measures 5.2 x 11.0 x 14.7 inches to keep a small footprint (though not smaller than the Mueller Espresso Machine). The coffee maker comes in four different colors (cherry red, black, white and chrome), and has a foldable drip tray that lets you use different cup sizes. It sports only 2 programmable buttons for either the Espresso or Lungo sized coffee, and a froth button on the Aeroccino milk frother to start it off. At the back you have the 1-litre container that you should fill with hot water to make espresso, and because of its large size, you won’t be filling it up very often.


The Nespresso CitiZ Milk espresso machine adds a lot of value especially to anyone that prefers their coffee with milk. When using it, you want to make sure you leave a space of up to 120ml when making cold froth, and 240ml when it’s hot. The CitiZ milk machine also has a large used capsule container that can hold up to 10 used capsules – it’s capsule container is much larger than most machines of its size.

Nespresso CitiZ Wrap Up

You won’t need to spend that much time making coffee anymore if you get the Nespresso Citiz machine on your countertop. It’s great for getting you your favourite drink ready when you’re in a rush, and won’t force you to dig too deep into your wallet.

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