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NERF Sniper Rifles Takes Foes From 35 Feet

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Updated June 27, 2022

NERF Long Strike Sniper Rifle

NERF guns have long been known for their blitz like attacks.  Meaning you can’t take down your enemy from afar.  But that’s all about to change thanks to the NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle.  It fires NERF ammo up to 35 feet so you can take the battle from your cubicle or tree house without the threat of getting pelted.

The gun itself measures up to 3 feet long making it the longest in the NERF gun collection and can be disassembled much like a real sniper rifle for easy transport.  It includes a blaster, barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip and six darts.

Thinkgeek is hocking it for $49.99.


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