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Nerf Mega Mastodon Is a Massive Gun with Rotating Drum

Nerf Mastodon
The Nerf Mastodon is a heavy Nerf gun, but packs an enormous drum for rapid fire.

If you want a huge Nerf battle on your hands, the Mega Mastodon blaster is definitely your gun of choice. This monster – and there’s really no other word for it – is so large that it takes you a second to realize which way it’s pointing.

The main attraction of this hulking Nerf gun is the rotating drum, a surprisingly realistic addition chocked full of 24 darts. Hiding behind this massive drum is the small semi-auto trigger, and a shoulder strap so that you can sling the gun back and easily carry it along (or move to another nerf-tastic weapon) without have to drop the Mastodon blaster. Nerf claims that this is the first motorized blaster that it has ever attempted in the Mega line, which means it will add a lot of power onto the rotator drum functionality.

N-strike Nerf

Previous mega Nerfs experimented with a drum, such as this N-Strike, but nothing like the Mastodon.

Look, we’re going to be upfront: This is a great way to lose your Nerf darts. This gun fires them off so quickly and so satisfyingly that you can run through a drum very quickly, and chances are good (especially outdoors) that you’ll lose a couple darts with every drum. But there’s always a price for this much power – we just suggest you use this one indoors to help keep that price low.

Also, as you may have guessed from the shoulder strap, this gun is heavy – really heavy. In addition to that massive drum the gun also takes 6 D batteries, which adds up to quite a few pounds. It might get tiring to carry around for long periods of time, but aiming is also affected: you’ll need two hands and a steady grip to keep the Mastodon firing straight.

If this sounds like a welcome addition to your geek toy arsenal, you can find it for $80 when it’s released later in 2016 – presumably well in time for summer.

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