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From our list of the Best Allen Keys, This hex bit socket set is built to last for a long while. The high strength chrome vanadium steel sockets provide superior torque for those big jobs. With every case comes 16 SAE hex bit sockets, and 16 metric bits making it a large collection that can be useful for a variety of tasks.

Why We Like It – Neiko 10288A Master Socket 32 Piece

The Neiko 10288A Master Socket is a 32 piece set that can handle tough jobs. The hex bit sockets are made with durable S2 alloy steel that prevents the sockets from wearing out. This is a large set of keys with metric sized sockets and standard SAE hex bit sized.

  • Variety of sizes to use
  • Great Portability
  • Expensive compared to other brands


For starters, this collection of steel sockets is one of the biggest so far from our list beating out other models like the tekton wrench metric 26 piece 25282. The chrome finish on the SAE and metric hex bit sockets prevent rust from building, which effectively extends the life of these sockets. The premium S2 alloy steel also helps with the durability of the toolset.


The 32 piece S2 Steel Machined Bits Standard SAE and Metric Sized Sockets is the content in the case. The case is a nice portable design and can be carried to wherever you need to go with ease. If you prefer something a little more luxurious, there is the bondhus 20399 l wrench briteguard goldguard that features a nice gold touch to their wrenches. The chamfered edges on the Neiko Socket set allows a smooth fit with fasteners while reducing wear and tear as well.


Right now you receive free shipping just for purchasing this socket set. We understand that it may be pricey for some folks, so if this is the case the tekton wrench metric 30 piece 25253 isn’t as expensive and still provides a variety of sizes to work with. If you need more convincing, make sure to check out the customer reviews on this product which average 5 stars on Amazon. It is an expensive set, but it also will be one of the most durable tools for your toolbox.

Neiko 10288A Master Socket 32 Piece Wrap Up

The Neiko 10388A Master Hex Bit Socket 32 Piece set is a large collection of premium S2 alloy steel sockets that will precisely fit your socket screws. These keys are designed to last a lifetime thanks to the mirror chrome finish. While it may be slightly more than other Allen keys this is truly one of the best.

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