NEEO Is A Thinking Remote That Controls Your Home

The thing with so many smart home devices is that you have different controllers and apps for each one, making for a cluttered home and a cluttered phone. NEEO eliminates the mess and lets you control all of your home’s smart devices from one convenient place.

Two Parts to NEEO

NEEO consists of two parts: the brain and the actual remote. So the brain is the one that communicates with all the devices in your home, while the remote provides instant control. Although those two devices are the main components, users can opt to use the NEEO app on their smartphone, but choose the remote for the ultimate experience. The app is available for iOS and Android phones and allows you to command the brain and all of your home’s devices from only one app.

The Brain


The brain features a huge database of more than 300,000 devices that it can control and is also compatible with all AV products that were made in the last 10 years. You can control it via the app or remote and it’s designed to fit seamlessly into your home’s design decor. It boasts 360-degree infrared technology for all-around control of all of your IR devices and is also wireless.

The Remote

NEEO Remote

Unlike other remotes, the NEEO remote boasts cool features like a 291 ppi display (which is more pixels per inch than an iPad Retina), rechargeable battery that runs for months on a single charge and a SOS alarm so that you never lose it. It also has patent-pending technology that will recognize your hand when you pick it up and will match it to your profile to display favorite films, playlists and more! And the hand recognition feature means you can easily create a guest profile or set parental controls.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently looking for funding with the early bird special still available for $148 with estimated delivery taking place in April 2015.

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