NECA Motorcyle Halo Helmet is Ready for the Streets

With a highly successful list of past games and Halo 5 due out, it’s reasonable to assume that there is still a high number of Halo fans eager to see what sort of Halo experience the new Xbox will offer (killing aliens, probably – it’s a safe bet). But if you want to take your Halo fandom to the next level, what you really need is this Master Chief motorcycle helmet.

The helmet is designed by model company NECA, but it’s also completely street legal for the United States. And while this is far from the first Halo helmet in the world, it does combine usability with a lot of authenticity. That reflective visor? It comes with UV protection. Those side panels? They house removable pads on the top and sides for a snug fit or extra room. Those extra corners and knobs? They protect front air intakes and rear vents that help keep your helmet fresh and prevent issues with fogging and moisture. The helmet is also designed to support wearers with and without glasses.


The Halo helmet has been in the design phase for a while now, but with all the streetwise extras Master Chief bikers will no doubt be glad of the additional effort put into the final product.

If you are already throwing your credit card at the screen, know that the Halo helmet is not quite in the final stages yet, but the product is expected to ship by July 2015. Considering that Halo 5 is expected to drop sometime in Fall 2015, this gives you plenty of time to make up your mind before Halo is again the game to play. However, you may not want to wait too long, since this will be a limited release product. The helmet will come in four different sizes, but there’s no final word yet on pricing.

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