Nebia Steam Shower Saves Water with Droplet Technology

This gadget belongs in your modern bathroom along with the best lighted makeup mirror.

Nebia is a project designed to bring luxurious shower features to average bathrooms around the world. This bathroom gadget is focused on a steam feature designed to turn your shower into a steamy experience that’s good for both skin and soul.

However, what we particularly enjoyed was the full information on just how this insta-steamer works. Hook it up to your shower pipes, and the steamer head uses an atomizer (sort of, but not really, like the kind in your vaporizer) to agitate water into super, super small droplets. How small? The Nebia showerhead claims to cover 10 times more surface area than the average spray-down shower.

Also interesting are the shower’s ecological benefits. The design allows for some serious water conservation, apparently up to 70% of what a normal shower uses. Of course, you are standing under a cloud of mist instead of a jet of water, so rinsing off might take a bit longer than with other household appliances. Nebia has tested the shower on hundreds of people and reports that no style of hair is a problem.

Now that Nebia has graduated from its Kickstarter campaign, it’s ready to ship this summer for a full price of $350. The company smartly included charts that show just how long it will take for the showerhead to pay for itself when used around utility prices like those of New York City (a few years, is the bottom line). However, with multiple testing waves at college campuses and deals for buying in bundles, we suspect Nebia has its eye on money-saving organization when it comes to long-term profits.

If you feel like getting a steam shower of your own, we advise you to start looking at the technical specifications for the model, which are quite thorough and take into account important variables like roof height, minimal pressure and temperature, height of showerhead, and much, much more. This isn’t something you can just slam into any bathroom, so get ready to take some measurements first. Check out our appliance reviews for more information on water-saving technology.

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  1. I worked in the Power Generating Industry for a number of years, and I can see one possible problem already, and that is the issue of water quality. If you buy/use one of these shower systems, I will almost guarantee that you’ll need to be on a Softened Water system, a Reverse Osmosis system (e$pensive) or a similar type of water treatment system. Without this, the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water will certainly clog the atomizing ‘jets’. Sure, these deposits can be cleaned, but if the orifices are as small as I’m thinking they would be, then those cleanings would be required VERY often.
    If this showerhead system had a removable water dispersion ‘head’, which could be removed for cleaning, it would likely be highly advantageous.

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