If you like to throw parties and events, then you probably have a well stocked bar and lots of great entertaining gadgets to create the perfect party! You’ll be amazed at how the perfect kind of ice can really make a drink that more refreshing! Throw out any ice cub trays you have and get the Neat Ice Kit and your at-home cocktails will never be the same! While you’re on the go, you might be better off looking at Moet mini Champagne vending machines.

No More Boring Ice Cubes


Spice up your homemade cocktails by adding the right kind of ice to make it a refreshing drink all your guests will want more of. The kit allows you to create a variety of different ice types, each tailored to a specific drink or cocktail. The days of boring and regular ice cubes are long gone! People will think you’ve hired a bartender after receiving their drinks filled with just the right kind of ice.

A Variety Of Tools To Create The Perfect Ice

neat ice kit

The Neat Ice Kit comes with an ice mold, chisel, muddler and Lewis bag to create the different kinds of ice options. The ice mold is where all the magic happens and uses the science of how ice freezes, with the insulated mold forcing the water to freeze from the top down. This then creates an ice brick that has a very clear top half since all the air and impurities are pushed down towards the bottom. The ice chisel and muddler (or mallet) is what you’ll ice to split the ice in half. You’ll want to use the clear half for your drinks and the cloudy bottom portion in a shaker or string glass for when preparing your libations. The Lewis Bag is an old school way to make crushed ice and all you have to do is fill with ice chunks and then hit it with the mallet.

Once you get the Neat Ice Kit, you’ll want to start having more parties just to show off your excellent ice-making skills. Get a kit now for $80.

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