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Updated June 27, 2022
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Pablo Escobar is most notable for his drug trade in Colombia. His illegal transportation of the Colombian drug cocaine made him one of the most powerful men in his country. In this Netflix series, Pablo Escobar rises to power and fame. Due to his success, DEA agents are sent to Colombia to try to infiltrate his operations and halt billions of dollars going from the United States to Colombia. Expect the first season to hook you right into the craziness from our best shows on Netflix. There are other drug empire stories on our list like Breaking Bad, a story about a high school chemistry teacher turned meth cook. To get a more varied option, check what other top-rated streaming services have to offer.

Why We Like It – Narcos Review

Narcos is the story of the clash between Pablo Escobar, one of the biggest drug lords in Colombia, and a DEA agent named Steve Murphy. This series looks back on the events in history from the start of Pablo’s drug dynasty to the drug war by President Reagan.

  • Good historical context
  • Prepare for double-crossing moments
  • Non-Spanish speakers will do a lot of reading in this series

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The show is split into two narratives. On one hand, we see Wagner Moura play Pablo Escobar. Throughout this series, Pablo is seen as a confidant, smart, and happy man to the people. But to his organization, he is ruthless and works day and night to pursue power in congress and in his business. Aside from Pablo, the series shows the life of DEA agent Steve Murphy played by Boyd Holbrook. Steve works undercover in Colombia trying to dismantle Pablo’s operations, which will lead him into dangerous situations often.

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The series takes place in Colombia, from the slums to the jungles where the cocaine was secretly manufactured. Expect to see boardrooms where DEA and government agents speak on their current matters. Expect the Narcos season to be filled with violence, sex, drugs, and even the Cali cartel. For these matters, this show is not even close to appropriate for kids, but Avatar: The Last Airbender is a better choice if you want to see a family-friendly show.


TV shows like Narcos are great to watch because of the accuracy of some historical context. It is interesting to see how Pablo Escobar had much of Colombia’s people and law enforcement under his fingernails with the money he had. Pablo was a man whose eyes had to be alert at all times because the drug business is full of double-crossers and greedy people. After you’re all caught up on this blood bash, take a break with Big Mouth, an animated comedy.

Narcos Review Wrap Up

A series like Narcos is worth watching till the end. Season one is already filled with intense conflicts who knows what the second season or third will bring. Stick around to watch the rise of Pablo Escobar, and see if DEA agent Steve Murphy is able to stop this cocaine empire.

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