Nantucket Sinks UM 16×11 W Rectangle Undermount Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Nantucket Undermount Ceramic Rectangle Bathroom Sink features a vitreous china construction which ensures its durability and easiness to clean. The curved sides work in conjunction with the large drain to prevent water pooling. When it comes to bathroom essentials, this option is ideal for large bathrooms. For more, and to see what other sinks you may enjoy, visit our best bathroom sinks list!

Why We Like It – Nantucket Sinks UM 16×11 W Rectangle Undermount

The Nantucket Sinks UM Vanity Sink has a large overflow drain to allow water to drain quickly to prevent overflow. You can find the same feature in another sink; read the Mr. Direct u1611 w undermount porcelain review. The interior of the sink is deep and wide allowing for more than one person at a time to use it, and it’s vitreous china construction makes it durable in the face of abuse.

  • True Vitreous China
  • Curved sides to prevent water pooling
  • Easy to clean
  • Overflow flange made from plastic
  • Users have complained about installation issues
  • Expensive


The Nantucket Ceramic Sink features a very large, 1.75”, overflow drain ensuring all the water goes down as quickly as possible. This is a great feature for those with children who always take a long time in the bathroom with the drain running. The sink is also made from vitreous china which means it’s more resistant and sanitary thanks to the addition of a special enamel coating. You can also check out the KINGO HOME Counter Porcelain Bathroom for a similar resilient sink made from non-porous materials. Having a large sink is useful in a large bathroom. To ensure that a large bathroom is also tidy, you have to use the right cleaning tools. Check out the Oxo good grips extendable scrubber review for a reliable device for your tiles and glass.


The Nantucket Rectangle Vanity Sink’s interior dimensions measure 16”x10.875” which is quite generous and quite deep. If you continue shopping, looking for an over the counter option that’s just as generous in terms of size and depth, make sure you check out the VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom. The Nantucket Sink also features sides that are sharply curved which aids greatly in preventing water pooling. Unfortunately, some users have brought up installation issues regarding the templates for holes being off.


The Nantucket Bathroom Sink is very durable thanks to it’s vitreous china construction. It’s also very easy to clean as dirt will come off with a quick wipe inside the sink. Those with toothpaste stains will see this as a lifesaver. Unfortunately, the sink is a little on the expensive side, retailing on Amazon for a pricey $85.00 for what they call a one pack. You can actually get up to a five-pack if you’re doing a massive rebuilding project. If you want something cheaper though, consider the Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted.

Nantucket Sinks UM 16×11 W Rectangle Undermount Wrap Up

The Nantucket Sink made some trade-offs to get where it is. It’s durable construction for slightly harder installation, and it’s large overflow drain for an overflow flange made of cheap plastic. Still, it’s among the easiest to clean sinks we have seen. And for some that may justify the $85.00 price tag.

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