NanRobot D5+ Review

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Updated March 21, 2023
98 Expert Rating

Coming in hot, the NanRobot D5+ tops the speed charts by hitting 40mph, making it a shoo-in as the best electric scooter for climbing hills. Its max load can easily handle 330 lbs, which gives it a place among the best electric scooter for heavy adults. And lastly, its wheels and shock absorption give it ample opportunity to be the best off-road electric scooter. But you may also want to know how it ranks among our top-rated electric scooters list.

Why We Like It – NanRobot D5+

Fitted with a dual-motor system, the NanRobot D5+ blazes a trail, going 40mph. Not even its battery holds it back, considering it can travel 50 miles on a single charge. It’s the cousin of the NanRobot D4+ model, which can handle 40 miles on a single charge. If you need a scooter better suited for a kid, you can read our Maxtra electric scooter review.

  • 40mph top speed
  • Long range battery life; 50 miles per charge
  • Includes a seat
  • The headlight is somewhat small


When it comes to speed, the Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter simply can’t hold a candle to the NanRobot D5+’s 40mph top speed. It helps that the scooter is packing 2000W, thanks to its dual motor power system. Electric bikes wish they could drive that fast at this price point.


The NanRobot D5+ implements a few necessary features to help stability and provide a safer ride. It uses front-wheel drive, which includes front suspension and rear suspension, in addition to front and rear disc brakes. The brakes are especially strong, providing excellent stopping power for the speeds you’ll be hitting. However, the light is a bit small.

Battery Life

The 52V 26Ah lithium battery isn’t holding back either. On a full charge, you’re looking at a whopping 50 miles traveled. Compared to other electric scooter reviews, that makes it one of the best electric scooters for distance, too. Its recharge time isn’t too bad either, though 8 hours is still relatively long. However, this isn’t that bad when compared to the Qiewa Qmini electric scooter that can take 8-12 hours to charge and is both slower, at 35 mph top speed, and has a lower range of about 38 miles than this NanRobot model.

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You’d think a scooter made of aluminum would be relatively weaker compared to, say, alloy steel—but believe it or not, the NanRobot D5+ has a max load of 330 lbs. This means a heavier rider, in addition to its seat, can take advantage of its power, unlike the Razor E300S seated electric scooter with a 220 lb limit.


Considering our NanRobot D5 review, it’s clear it’s a monster of a machine, providing insane power in one small package. Because of how well it performs and how well its design is, we can certainly see why it’s priced at $1690. It’s worth every penny and a nice step up from the NanRobot D4+. But if the price is a concern, pull back a bit and grab the 1000W Zipper Off Road Electric Scooter.

NanRobot D5+ Wrap Up

The NanRobot D5+ had few negative aspects, despite its somewhat small headlight. Everything from the wheels to the handling is of high quality. It can run up to 40mph and reach distances traveled up to 50 miles on a single charge. And if you feel like relaxing, attach the seat. It’s everything you’d want in a nice, compact electric scooter.

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