NanRobot D4+ Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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Blend high-performance with the best electric scooter for climbing hills and the best folding electric scooter, and what you get is the NanRobot D4+. Underneath the hood is 2000W of motor power, with a battery that can handle 40 miles on the road. And if you’re feeling lazy, you can fit a seat to it. If you want, you can check how it compares to other leading electric scooters on the market today.

Why We Like It – NanRobot D4+

When power and distance come first, the NanRobot D4+ delivers with a 40-mile range battery and 2000W of motor power. Why should e-bikes and mopeds have all the fun?

  • Dual-motor system offers 2000W
  • W/ seat option available for small price
  • Can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge
  • Lengthy recharge time


If you want speed, the NanRobot D4+ provides far more than you’d expect from a compact e-scooter. You can experience high speeds of 40mph max speed. This is entirely thanks to its dual-motor system, which introduces 2000W of motor power to the scooter’s interior system. In other words, you’ll get to fly up and down hills at incredible speeds, with much better handling than electric skateboards provide. It puts the Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter to shame. But it is very similar to its cousin model, which you can read about from our NanRobot D4 Electric Scooter review.


To help ensure the safety of the rider, the NanRobot D4+ incorporates front and rear EBS disc brakes, which provide more than enough stopping power to halt the driver to a stop. The deck is also slightly wider than most scooters, offering better stability. However, you can also opt into purchasing the seat option. Lastly, a front headlight is small and bright, but could be bigger.

Related: The NanRobot D5+ model has wheels and shock absorption features that may propel it to be the best for off-road adventures.

Battery Life

The 52V 23Ah lithium battery is packing a mean punch in terms of distance. This long-range battery is capable of easily keeping you on the road for an entire 40 miles. That does come at the cost of a somewhat long charging time of 10 to 12 hours. Considering its power, that’s a small price to pay. Thankfully, you can keep track of your metrics with the rather bright LCD display.


The aluminum frame of the NanRobot D4+ keeps it lightweight, sturdy, and strong. Surprisingly enough, it can actually handle 330 lbs, which makes it an obvious choice for heavy riders. To improve its durability, 6 shock absorbers have been added in key locations, taking on the brunt of the terrain.


At first glance, dropping $1490 on the NanRobot D4+ seems like too much ($1640 if you want a seat)—but remember: this is a high-performance machine and is among the best electric scooters. Its maximum speed alone should tip you off. Considering our (and other NanRobot D4 electric scooter reviews) review, it’s worth every penny. The NanRobot D5+ goes a step further, but if budget is a concern, pick up the 1000W Zipper Off Road Electric Scooter.

NanRobot D4+ Wrap Up

The NanRobot D4+ is what you want if power and distance is your concern. Recharge time can be long, but at the moment that doesn’t matter. After all, it’s handling 2000W of motor power, with a battery that has a 40-mile range. It’s impressive the battery lasts as long as it does.

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