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NanRobot D4+ Electric Scooter Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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If you’re looking for a foldable best electric scooter that can handle commuting on the road and wild adventures off-road, the NanRobot D4+ electric scooter should be on your radar. It has power enough for any terrain and it is a decent performer. Two 1000W electric motors mean that this electric scooter is not messing around with motor power. Each of those motors powers a wheel, giving you all-wheel-drive capabilities on two wheels.

But what else does this adult electric commuting and off-road beast offer? Is it a smooth ride? Is it worth the price? Is it the fastest electric scooter that I have ever ridden on? Read on to learn more about it from the buyer’s guide below. You may also want to compare it to some of the top-rated electronic scooters on the market today.

Is The NanRobot D4+ Really That Awesome?

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Let me start out by answering the above question. Yes! This electric scooter from NanRobot really is pretty amazing. It has a top speed of 40 miles per hour, a 45-mile range on a fully charged battery, and it certainly performs. I mean, we’re talking all-wheel drive on a scooter! It is quite an experience. Most scooters don’t have that feature.


  • 40 MPH top speed
  • All wheel drive
  • 45 miles range


  • Expensive

NanRobot D4+ Build Quality And Design

The Nanrobot d4high speed scooter has a foldable design, which is great for storing it in tight spaces or carrying for short distances, like when you get on a train or a bus. Just collapse the handlebar, and take it with you using the folding mechanism. Although it is on the heavy side at around 60lbs. It’s made from super strong aluminum alloy, which makes this ride a durable one that will stand up to some tough riding and abuse.

As long as I’m talking about its rugged toughness, this high speed electric scooter has 6 shock absorbers & 10″ pneumatic tires. This not only makes for a smooth ride on the pavement, but when you are off-road the shock absorption really absorbs every little bump. You can expect a comfortable ride no matter where you are using it.

The design is fairly minimal, with an LCD display, a voltage lock to prevent theft, a wide deck that is comfortable for your feet and a dual charging system that lets you use 2 chargers to charge it faster. I love that the NanRobot D4 high speed has this feature.

NanRobot D4+ Electric Scooter Power

It doesn’t get much more powerful than 2 1000W electric motors for a combined 2000w motor. That is exactly what the NanRobot D4+ model features as well. This allows for some serious performance and a top speed of 40 MPH as well as all-wheel-drive that chews up any terrain. These powerful motors will impress anyone. Dual 1000w motors are the way to go.

Related: The Maxtra Electric Scooter/Moped is best for children because of its kid-friendly top speed and weight limit of 155 lbs.

Charging Time

NanRobot lists the charging time as 8-10 hours for the lithium battery, however, you can cut that in half thanks to the dual charging system. I loved nearly everything about this electric scooter, and this is a favorite feature. It has a great battery life and charge options.


With impressive top speed, an incredible range and power to spare, this pro scooter performs as great as you would think. Whether you are riding on pavement, mud, thick foliage with sticks and rocks, or anywhere else, it never falters. The pneumatic tires are smooth and gripping.

That maximum speed feels great and the max range of 45-mile range and 330lb load are amazing features. The range should fit nearly everyone’s range of riding and the 330lb load means that larger folks can ride. The rear disc brakes are also very responsive, which is a must for emergency braking.

Bottom Line

The NanRobot D4+ high speed electric scooter is expensive and that is the only downside here. But you get what you pay for. Everything here is top notch. Other electric scooters need to pay attention to this elite model. It feels like a mountain bike when riding, so I can see people giving up their electric bicycles or electric skateboards for this folding electric model. The D4 high speed electric scooter is my new favorite.

Some other great options if this scooter for adults is too powerful are the Glion Dolly foldable scooter, Gotrax GXL, Uberscoot 1600w, NanRobot D5, or the Xiaomi Mi. Of course, if you want one less wheel, there’s always electric unicycles. Our buying guides and vehicle review section have the answers you need before you buy adult electric scooters on Amazon. Just make sure you check price first.

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