NanoLeaf Bulb Is Ultra Bright and Energy Efficient, Comes In Unique Design Package


There’s no doubt that we’re living in hard times, which means saving money anywhere you can is essential. The NanoLeaf bulb wants to do just that and is the first of its kind to achieve 1600 lumens of brightness using only 12 watts of electricity (100W incandescent replacement), saving up to 88% of electricity over incandscent bulbs, thus decreasing power costs. Similar bulbs that produce the same amount of lumens can consume at least 20 watts of electricity, costing you more money in the long run. But not only will it save you money and last longer, but the NanoLeaf bulb can project light 360 degrees like regular incandescent light bulb, providing the perfect lighting  for lots of different lamp types, making it a universal solution for all your lighting needs.

nanoleaf bulb

And there’s no waiting for the bulb to get brighter once it’s turned on since it reaches maximum brightness the instant you turn on the switch. Unlike other bulbs that heat up and usually burn your hand if touched, the NanoLeaf stays cool without the need for a bulky heat-sink. Other bulbs usually last only 1,500 hours but the NanoLeaf can last more than 30,000 hours of usage, lasting 10 times as long as CFL bulbs and 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs. The longer lifespan means you save more money not having to replace them all the time. These bulbs are also meant to endure shock and vibration since they don’t use fragile components like glass and filaments. But the coolest thing about these bulbs is that it features a unique design and are made with printed circuit board technology so that it can come in many color and design options on the bulb’s surface, as well as feature a more innovative circuitry design on the inside. It comes in three types: NanoLeaf 75W equivalent ($35), 1000W equivalent ($50) and the deluxe 1800+ Lumens ($100).

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