Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Babies don’t stay babies forever and at some point breastfeeding stops. For a youngling, it can be a tough transition. Thankfully, pacifiers like the Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier help that transition with an in-between option. Its shape and overall design are ideal as the best pacifiers when your child is old enough to move from breast to binky. This is a great product for your child’s health wellness.

Why We Like It – Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier

The ideal pacifier to have for 3+ month olds transitioning from breastfeeding to binky, thanks to its nipple shape and extra soft silicone. For a 6 months baby, one of the best pacifiers is featured in our MAM pacifiers pacifier breastfed collection review.

  • Can ease transition from breast to binky
  • BPA, Phthalate, and lead free
  • One piece construction
  • Won’t work on all babies


Children can have a tough time transitioning to binkies; nipple confusion is a very real issue that many face. With the Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier, it can really help with their oral development and new change. Its shape is very much like a nipple, but isn’t too large that it gags your child. That, plus its softness, really helps by conforming to a child’s mouth rather than being rigid and unbending. In fact, Nanobebe’s pacifier isn’t far off from being like a Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth. Looking for an aloe vera gel that treats sunburn more effectively? Check our Nature republic soothing moisture 10 56 review.


The Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier success comes from its design—especially for breastfed babies. The medical grade silicone use is extra soft silicone, which helped soothe children. It’s very gentle on gums and the nipple shape prevents the pacifier from disrupting healthy oral development. More importantly, its shape prevented nipple confusion in older babies, specifically those that are transitioning from breast to binky. It also helped that it’s a one piece silicone pacifier, making it tough and impossible to separate by normal means, unlike the NUK Orthodontic Pacifiers 5-pack.


The Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier holds so much value in such a small pacifier. Nanobebe made so many right choices that we have no problem giving it our mark of excellent value. Tucked into the package are two pacifiers for $6 (free shipping). They perform well, fit well, and are ever so soothing to your child’s mouth. And hey—no harmful chemicals added, just like the Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical Pacifier. If your baby is having problems with transitioning, you’ll want one of these pacifiers.

Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier Wrap Up

The fact that not all babies will take to the Nanobebe Pacifiers 3+ Month Pacifier wasn’t a strike against it, but the child; not all babies like the shape. Babies that do will be able to quickly transition from breast to binky much easily. The one-piece design of the pacifier means it won’t fall apart on you. Of course, we can’t forget that it’s BPA, phthalate and lead free.

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