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If the best electric bike for seniors in your mind is an e-bike that can carry a lot, is easy to ride, and can hit fast speeds, then the MAKTO Spark E-Bike is yours. Its step-thru design makes it easy to get on and off—no acrobatics required. There are two designated areas for baskets, front and rear. And it goes 25mph with pedal assistance. Talk about the best electric bike for commuting to the grocery shop and back.

Why We Like It – NAKTO Spark E-Bike

The NAKTO Spark E-Bike is the perfect example of power at an affordable price. Finish errands with extra basket space at 25mph and easy mounting and dismounting. The same goes for the bike in the Nakto folding electric bike review.

  • Max speed of 25mph
  • Step-thru design
  • Basket can be placed in front and rear
  • 35 miles per charge

Durability & Build Quality

Similar to its cousin, the NAKTO 26, the NAKTO Spark E-Bike is built with carbon steel for a much tougher build, in addition to shock absorption. It can really take a beating, which adds years to its lifespan. Like the E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike, a step-thru design was incorporated, which allows for easy mounting and dismounting. A different durable bike that you can compare with is in our NCM bike review.

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Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

For just under $650, we were rather surprised the NAKTO Spark E-Bike is so fast. It can top speeds of 25mph, with pedal assistance, of course. The 250W really puts in the work, though hills will require an on-demand throttle. For another bike with 25mph speeds, you’ll want to read our MotoTec electric trike.

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Range & Battery

just like the Surface 604 Colt, getting 35 miles on a single charge isn’t the best result. Still, it’s enough to run a few errands, and it’s 5 more miles than the ProdecoTech Stride 500. With the battery charger included, charging overnight isn’t a big deal. But if you want to travel 45 miles, check out the Blix Aveny bike.

Safety Features

The NAKTO Spark E-Bike comes with basic safety features. You get a nice, loud horn, and front and rear expansion disc brakes. They have good, confident stopping power. For nighttime riding, there’s a bright LED headlight. If you’re interested in building your own electric bike, read our GRM iMotor 3.0 review.

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The NAKTO Spark E-Bike borrows a few quality-of-life features from its city electric bicycles, and for good reason. Everything this bike has—from the headlight, to the good brakes—feels right at home on city streets. The step-thru design is especially nice, considering it makes it easy for elderly individuals to mount. The best part: it’s only $649! That makes it one of the cheapest e-bikes you can get your hands on right now. For another good value model, check out our Jetson Adventure electric bike review.

NAKTO Spark E-Bike Wrap Up

The NAKTO Spark E-Bike isn’t the most feature-rich or most powerful bike, nor does it have to be. For what it’s worth, it gets the job done and finds its own. You get to speed around 25mph, which may not be enough for some folks. In that case, read our article on how to make an electric bike faster. There are two areas for baskets, easy errand-running. And the step-thru design doesn’t ask you to perform crazy acrobatics to mount the bike.

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