NAKTO Folding Electric Bike Review

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Updated March 2, 2023
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Can one consider a folding bike to be the best electric bike? Yes, it all depends on your needs. The Nakto Folding Electric Bike outperforms budget electric bikes, making it the best folding electric bike to consider when you’re ready to upgrade. The bike comes with 30 lbs of steel, making it durable yet still lightweight to carry when folded. And that doesn’t stop it from reaching a top speed of 23mph.

Why We Like It – NAKTO Folding Electric Bike

The Nakto Folding Electric Bike is the ideal step up from a budget electric bike. It has good overall performance with its 23mph top speed and durable, lightweight steel frame.

  • Max speed of 30mph
  • Durable, lightweight frame
  • Features a bike light
  • Not for rough terrain

Durability & Build Quality

The Nakto Folding Electric Bike is made of high-strength carbon steel. To protect the wheels and keep them lighter, the wheels are fitted with a double-layer aluminum alloy, which protects the front V brake and rear expansion brake. A better alternative for climbing hills and rough terrain is in our Nakto fat tire electric bike review.

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Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Getting the Nakto Fashion 20-inch Electric Bike up to 30mph is easy to do with its 250W brushless motor, which is just behind the eAhora X7 in speed. As this is a great motor for speed, if you prefer a slower model, you’ll want to check out our guide to the best hub drive ebike. Nakto Fashion best performs when you’re on smooth pavement, though its tires are thick enough to enjoy a ride through your favorite nature trail. For tough terrain, you’ll want the Nakto Folding Electric Bike With Fat Tires. You can pedal yourself without using the battery, turn on the pedal assist, or go full throttle. For city riding and light trails, open the Nakto Spark e bike review.

Range & Battery

The Nakto Electric Bicycle uses a 36V/10Ah lithium battery, lasting 30 miles on a single charge. It will vary based on terrain, but considering its top speed, you can get around for up to two hours. The Speedrid Folding Ebike, however, can push 35 miles. If you plug it into its battery charger, you should get a full battery in 3 to 4 hours. However, if you’d like a bike that can get 40 miles, read our Quietkat Ranger 750 review.

Safety Features

Nakto Folding Electric Bikes are typically strapped with a lithium battery, and we all know what happens to those if they fail. While you’ll be a rarity if it does, you won’t have to throw the whole bike out; the battery is removable if it needs to be disposed of. With its folding nature, locks were added to each joint, in addition to a key lock for the battery starter. But are electric bikes worth it? Ultimately, you have to decide that for yourself.


Nakto E Bikes consistently prove to be valuable electric bikes for all manner of individuals, and the Nakto Folding Electric Bike doesn’t change that fact. If you are already familiar with electric bikes, and are looking for an upgrade, this one provides great performance for just $600 (with a 1-year warranty) That also puts it within range of being a budget electric bike, too. And with how sturdy it is, it will last you several years to come.

NAKTO Folding Electric Bike Wrap Up

As an upgrade option, the Nakto Folding Electric Bike hits all the right marks with its 30mph top speed and 30 miles of battery life. It doesn’t handle rough terrain well, but woodland trails are just fine—better with its bike light for guidance. It’s still a tough, durable bike made of high-strength carbon steel.