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NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

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If you’re on the market for the best electric bike that’s a cross between the best electric mountain bikes and the best electric fat bikes, the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike serves as the perfect example. It has a 25mph maximum speed, strapped to a strong, carbon steel frame with premium shock absorption.

Why We Like It – NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike

The NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike handles the road with ease thanks to its strong and flexible carbon steel frame and premium shock absorption.

  • 25mph maximum speed
  • Premium shock absorption
  • Carbon steel frame
  • One pedal assist level
  • 20-30 miles per charge

Durability & Build Quality

Instead of being constructed with aluminum alloy (unlike the NCM bike), Nakto Electric Bikes are made of high-quality carbon steel. It’s tough, has admiral flex (around the seat post), and longevity. The e-bikes are then complimented with thick, but not fat tires. The handlebars have a rubber coating with texture, while the pedals are generic with an OK grip. The premium shock absorption keeps the bike from experiencing the full brunt of bumps and grooves.

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Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

If speed is a concern, the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle will calm your fears. It can top the meter at 25mph, which is ideal for commuting. It also comes built with a Shimano 6-speed gear—just enough options for control, but the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike has 21 speeds.

Range & Battery

Battery life on the NAKTO eBikes is so-so. If you use nothing but electricity, you’ll get between 20-30 miles. If you use pedal assist, then 40 miles, at most.

Safety Features

The NAKTO Cruiser is fitted with much-appreciated safety features. It has a removable lithium battery, an ideal option for commuters to prevent battery theft. It has an incredibly bright LED headlight for night riding, and an LCD display to keep track of metrics (battery life, etc). While we prefer disc brakes, like on the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike, its linear-pull brakes are good on the road.

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Since you can’t take it on a research ride before you buy it, it begs the question: who is this bike for? Considering it has a rear rack in the back, one in the front, a step-thru frame, and great speed with a decent battery, the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bikes fit perfectly for commuter rides and for running errands. It provides a lot of service for just $650, more so than the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike.

NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike Wrap Up

The NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike is the complete package: places for storage, great speed, and overall performance and design. We would’ve liked a better battery, however. But we can’t argue with such a tough carbon frame and excellent suspension absorption. Your adventure from point A to point B will be smooth as butter.

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