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If you’re aiming to stretch your dollar as far as it can go, the NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike are the best electric hunting bikes for budget-friendly options. It has excellent durability, which is needed for outdoor activities such as hunting. It can max out at 25mph, keeping up with your prey. And it can travel 35 miles on a single charge.

Why We Like It – NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike

A low-profile hunting bike with an affordable price, the NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike can travel 35 miles, speed around at 25mph, and has a load capacity of 300 lbs.

  • Excellent durability
  • Max speed of 25mph
  • Very affordable
  • Front V brakes
  • LCD headlight is so-so

Durability & Build Quality

The NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike is built with an amalgamation of various materials, from aluminum alloy to carbon steel. The high strength carbon steel frame of the front fork adds exceptional strength, in addition to shock absorption for a comfier ride. The frame and wheels are also lightweight, strong, and high quality, despite being made with aluminum alloy. It’s entirely capable of handling 300 lbs.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The 250W rear hub motor is complimented quite nicely with the 6-speed gear shift system. The 6-speed brushless motor combo provides 25mph top speed and plenty of gears for various terrain. The Juiced RipCurrent S e-bikes are capable of going over 28mph.

Range & Battery

The lithium battery is decent. With such a high speed motor, you’ll blow through its 35 mile range in no time if you’re using electric mode as opposed to bike mode, or night riding modes. However, pedal assist will keep you on the trail for a long time, but you have to do some pedaling.

Safety Features

The Bright GG NAKTO Electric Bicycles have a few notable safety features. Fenders keep debris from getting shot in your face, a necessary choice when traveling on trails, forests, and so on. The brake gear combo is nice, but we much prefer hydraulic disc brakes over front V brakes. Also, the LCD headlight is so-so. The Rungu Bike wins in the safety department.


The NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike chokes a few times in the most crucial areas by using some decent parts as opposed to great parts. Hence, why it’s so affordable. Still, it is pushing pretty high speeds for city electric bikes. And we aren’t going to thumb our nose at its excellent build quality. For how cheap it is, you can fix many of its shortcomings and come out with a bike that’s still cheaper than the BAKCOU Mule Elite.

NAKTO Bright GG Electric Hunting Bike Wrap Up

If hunting it what you’re about, the front V brakes and subpar headlight won’t be an issue. You’ll be customizing it anyways. And being $620 makes that an easy promise. With how strong it is, it’s a great place to start as your base frame. Swap out the battery for something better to really take advantage of its 25mph max speed.

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