NAKTO 26 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you want to commute with e bikes on a budget, investing in the best electric bike under 1000 means taking a look at the NAKTO 26. Fitted with front and rear basket options, you’ll have places to toss your work or groceries in. At the same time, the 25mph and anti-slip and wear resistant tires adds speed and longevity to your ride.

Why We Like It – NAKTO 26

With a top speed of 25mph, 28 mile range, and rear and back basket options, the NAKTO 26 is a great option for commuters. You can compare it with another commute bike in the Muller e bike review.

  • Top speed of 25mph
  • Anti-slip resistant tires
  • Good option for commuting
  • Would have benefitted from disc brakes

Durability & Build Quality

The frame is made of a high strength carbon steel, as is the front fork. This adds some serious strength to the bike, allowing the NAKTO 26 to handle dirt roads in addition to pavement. And having comfort shock absorption smoothes your ride, though the Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro might be a step above in terms of comfort, and is arguably one of the best e bikes for women. Also, see if this option meets your requirements: Nakto bright gg electric hunting bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

If you’re commuting, having a fast top speed is necessary; the NAKTO 26 delivers on that front. Maxing out at 25mph, with a 6-speed gear, you’ll get to your destination in a timely manner. That’s nearly as fast as the $1800 Juiced City Scrambler’s top speed of 28mph, which better fits under the umbrella of the best electric beach cruiser bike.

Range & Battery

On the other hand, having a good battery is also necessary. You wouldn’t want the battery dying halfway to your destination. The lithium ion battery can last a solid 28 miles before needing recharged. If you use pedal assist (that means you do some of the work), then you can extend the battery life.

Safety Features

The NAKTO 26 makes a slight stumble with its safety features. It’s equipped with anti-slip and wear resistant tires, which is great to have during rainy days. The bright headlight is much wider than your typical headlight. And the dual-brakes are controlled via linear pull system. The NAKTO 26 would have benefitted from disc brakes considering they’re much better in weather than a linear pull system.


Should you grab yourself a NAKTO Electric Bicycle for commuting? Given that it has two designated areas for baskets, we’d say: of course! The bike comes with one waterproof basket for the front, but not in the back. However, it’s already prepared to receive one. That, in addition to its fast top speed, long battery life and $650 price tag, makes the NAKTO 26 a great option for commuters—especially on a budget. That’s more than what the Raleigh Retroglide IE offers.

NAKTO 26 Wrap Up

The NAKTO 26 is an overall great electric bike that’s nicely suited for commuters. This is seen by the fast top speed, long battery life, and designated areas for baskets. While the linear pull brake system is fine, its anti-slip and wear tires would have benefited more from disc brakes.

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